Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

  • Community volunteering “AUEB Volunteers”: our students volunteered in the Career Days, organized by the University and we hosted a workshop around bullying in the workplace and cyber, in cooperation with the Association of Criminologists of the Panteion University.
  • Internal Safety Regulations & Safety Instructions 
    AUEB has drafted and approved the "Internal Security Regulation of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Memorandum of Action for the Management of Emergencies (earthquake - fire and other incidents)" from January 2020. In addition, the following "safety instructions" have been communicated to the community:

    • Guidelines of the World Health Organization
    • Instructions on preventive measures against the spread of infection from SARS-CoV-II
    • Instructions for the prevention and treatment of influenza virus
    • Health & safety guidelines for preventing and dealing with dangerous situations due to earthquake
    • Health & safety instructions for the prevention and treatment of dangerous situations due to fire
    • Health & safety instructions for the prevention and treatment of dangerous situations due to thermal stress
    • Health & safety instructions for pregnant women
    • Health & safety instructions for office work
    • Health & safety instructions for manual handling of cargo
    • Health & safety instructions for working with hand tools
    • Occupational medicine brochure for the prevention and treatment of heat stroke
  • AUEB’s Compendium: it refers to the "Department of Protection, Security and Logistics" (article 11). Areas of responsibility of the Department are: a) Ensuring the order and safety of the staff and visitors of the Foundation and protecting the property of the Foundation, b) The tidiness and cleanliness of the premises, indoor and outdoor, of the Foundation and c) execution of general administrative tasks of the Foundation.
  • Innovation & Entrepreneurship Unit: it provides services of awareness, education and support of entrepreneurship in its early towards students and any stakeholder. It dows so through Startups Career Days, business idea competitions and programs that try to address the high levels of youth unemployment.
  • AUEB career days: the Career Office organizes the annual "Career Days". The event is addressed exclusively to students and graduates of the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, as well as doctoral students or holders of a doctoral degree from AUEB.
  • Event: "Prevention of Urban Fires - Safe Evacuation of a Building": in the context of the effort for the most effective response to catastrophic phenomena, AUEB organized a training day with the assistance of the Fire Brigade.
  • HR Case Study Series: The "MSc in Human Resource Management" publishes the series entitled "HR Case Study Series". The special edition of June 2020 was entitled "30 questions and answers for work issues in the time of COVID-19".

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