Main University Regulations

The Athens University of Economics and Business welcomes you and wishes you a successful Erasmus study period and an unforgettable stay in Athens.

To avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations, you are kindly requested to take into consideration the following general internal rules of the University:

  1. Your study programme should reflect the workload of 30 ECTS credits per semester and 60 per year. Study programmes with more or less credits are not accepted.
  2. The University offers a number of courses in English, forming thus an interdepartmental study programme with the support and contribution of academics from all its departments. The Erasmus students can choose from these courses and prepare appropriately their learning agreement before their arrival in Athens, ensuring academic recognition.
  3. The dates of the academic calendar must be respected. With reference to the exams, they take place on the same date, same hour and same subjects for all local and Erasmus students. A re-exam (resit) - if needed - can be done in Athens (resit period of September) on the official re-exam date. Exams by fax and by e-mail are NOT accepted.
  4. The ECTS key documents - student application form, learning agreement and transcript of records - are sent to our University by our partner institutions' LLP/Erasmus Offices and NOT by the students as individuals. 
    Submission deadline for both semesters of 2014-2015: 18 July 2014
  5. Each Erasmus student will receive the Erasmus Student Charter from his/her home university before leaving for the study period abroad. The Charter is a short information leaflet that promotes Erasmus students awareness of their rights and obligations.

Athens University of Economics and Business
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Mrs Vassiliki Papavasileiou, Responsible for Erasmus+ administration
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