AUEB has successfully completed the Internal Evaluation Process of all its academic departments for the National Quality Assurance Agency


Completion of the AUEB's Evaluation Process

The Athens University of Economics and Business has successfully completed the internal evaluation process of the National Quality Assurance Agency for all (8) its academic departments. AUEB is the first University to complete this process for all the departments of the University.

According to the process, each department submitted an internal evaluation report to the University’s Quality Assurance Committee (QAC), which, in turn consolidated all reports to an Internal Evaluation Report for the University. The Report was submitted to the National Quality Assurance Agency. The next step is the invitation of external evaluators for each department.

The internal evaluation process was undertaken by each department, and was coordinated by the University’s Quality Assurance Committee. This committee is composed of six members, headed by the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, and is composed of faculty, student representatives and staff representatives. AUEB’s Quality Assurance Committee (UQAC) is composed of the following members:

  • Professor Ioannis Katsoulakos, Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs and Chairman of the Committee,
  • Kyriazidou Aikaterini, Professor, Department of Economics
  • Dellaportas Petros, Professor, Department of Statistics
  • Xepapadeas Anastasios, Department of International & European Economic Studies
  • Giamalaki Zafiro, staff representative
  • Founta Sofia, representative of graduate students