AI@AUEB Talk:"Fact-checking as a conversation", by Andreas Vlachos, University of Cambridge

AI@AUEB Talk, Friday 12 April, 16:00-17:00 (Greek time)
Speaker: Andreas Vlachos, University of Cambridge (
Title: "Fact-checking as a conversation"

Room: Amphitheater, AUEB Troias building (2 Troias Str., Troias wing, lower basement floor)
and virtually via MS Teams:

  • Meeting ID: 371 184 585 079
  • Passcode: MRusta


Misinformation is considered one of the major challenges of our times resulting in numerous efforts against it.  Fact-checking, the task of assessing whether a claim is true or false, is considered a key in reducing its impact. In the first part of this talk I will present our recent and ongoing work on automating this task using natural language processing, moving beyond simply classifying claims as true or false in the following aspects: incorporating tabular information, neurosymbolic inference, and using a search engine as a source of evidence. In the second part of this talk, I will present an alternative approach to combatting misinformation via dialogue agents, and present results on how internet users engage in constructive disagreements and problem-solving deliberation.

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