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01-04-2022 id:: 3390

Applied Doctoral Research Program - 1st Announcement/Invitation, 1/4/2002

29-03-2022 id:: 3385

Professor Koundouri and co-authors, received the prize for the Best Applied Article published by the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. 

23-03-2022 id:: 3382

"Restoring and attributing ancient texts using deep neural networks", Thea Sommerschield, Yannis Assael, Marita Chatzipanagiotou, John Pavlopoulos, 29/3, 17:15

22-03-2022 id:: 3376

Professor Diomidis Spinellis has received the designation of “Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program” by IEEE Computer Society 

17-03-2022 id:: 3375

AUEB presents a comprehensive program of Social Responsibility and Offering

11-03-2022 id:: 3365

The Municipality of Athens, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the National Technical University of Athens join forces to support innovation and entrepreneurship

10-03-2022 id:: 3364

Prof. Ion Androutsopoulos and researchers John Pavlopoulos and Marita Chatzipanagiotou, contributed to a significant work published in Nature journal

04-03-2022 id:: 3356

2022 European Year of Youth

03-03-2022 id:: 3355

MBA International graduate Sotirios Ptochos wins the prestigious MBA Startup of the Year 2022 Award

02-03-2022 id:: 3350

"Hand it ... to HERMES", March 8 & 9, 10:00-14:00

22-02-2022 id:: 3341

Athens University of Economics & Business: International Recognition in the field of Computer Science


17-02-2022 id:: 3340

Presentation of AUEB’s Undergraduate Study Programs to Lyceum students, on March 10, 2022

16-02-2022 id:: 3338

An important distinction for Professor N. Pouloudi’s published work

09-02-2022 id:: 3333

The "Tech Connect Event" was held with great success for the first time

07-02-2022 id:: 3330

AUEB "adopts" "Hermes", the pan-Hellenic association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of People with Disabilities

04-02-2022 id:: 3327

VIMA on Sunday is published together with OPA News

03-02-2022 id:: 3326

18th Management Science & Technology Student Conference entitled "Digital Transformation: The Radical Changes in New Technologies in Modern Society and Business"

02-02-2022 id:: 3322

Retail Customer Experience Awards 2021 | 1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

01-02-2022 id:: 3319

AUEB’s Human Resource Management Laboratory Research: "Teleworking: Will it stay with us?"

31-01-2022 id:: 3317

The Conference "Innovation in Greece and the institutions that support it 3.0" was completed with great success for the third consecutive year

17-01-2022 id:: 3281

Registration/participation in the 3rd Student Competition in Economics "HERMES" has started

12-01-2022 id:: 3288

Visit of the delegates of the University of Business & Technology (UBT) of Saudi Arabia at AUEB campus

29-12-2021 id:: 3277

AUEB receives the Gold Award by the Hellenic Institute of Business Ethics - EBEN GR

22-12-2021 id:: 3272

Athens University of Economics & Business: Social Contribution Actions

21-12-2021 id:: 3269

The undergraduate BSc in Accounting and Finance program, offered by the Department of Accounting & Finance, has become a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts’ (CFA) University Affiliation Program.

21-12-2021 id:: 3265

Conference "The Greek Economy: from 1821 to date "

17-12-2021 id:: 3258

Lecture by Dr. Demosthenes Ioannou, Senior Lead Economist, European Central Bank at the Department of Economics

16-12-2021 id:: 3257

An AUEB event for the Certification of Postgraduate Programs


01-12-2021 id:: 3240

The School of Business Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business among the top 300 Business Schools worldwide according to Eduniversal

25-11-2021 id:: 3230

AUEB Career Days 2021


19-11-2021 id:: 3223

Prioritizing internationalization: William & Mary - AUEB collaboration 

18-11-2021 id:: 3221

Global recognition for 15 scientists of the Athens University of Economics and Business

15-11-2021 id:: 3210

Athens University of Economics and Business among the internationally renowned Institutions in the field of "Finance and Business Administration”

11-11-2021 id:: 3202

Collaboration Agreement between AUEB and SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises). A new era begins with the collaboration of students, young scientists, Universities and Greek enterprises with actions which will be immediately realized.

03-11-2021 id:: 3199

OPA RUN 2021: A celebration for everyone at Pedion of Areos, Athens

25-10-2021 id:: 3189

The global immersion program of William & Mary – Raymond A. Mason School of Business Executive MBA is organized in Athens in cooperation with the Athens University of Economics and Business

20-10-2021 id:: 3184

Athens University of Economics & Business receives an International Distinction in Social Sciences

19-10-2021 id:: 3179

The Athens University of Economics and Business hosted the HERMES annual Conference for 2021

18-10-2021 id:: 3153

3rd OPA Run | Sunday, October 31, 2021 | "All together for Pedion of Areos"

13-10-2021 id:: 3171

Best Paper Award for Dr Stavros Vourloumis and As. Professor Ioannis Thanos


01-10-2021 id:: 3150

HAEE 6th Forum Award for Professor George Ioannou  for “a long-standing contribution in the establishment of the backbone of the Greek Energy Market and the Energy Exchange Group”

30-09-2021 id:: 3140

Successful implementation of the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program (2108 Project) at the Athens University of Economics and Business

30-09-2021 id:: 3147

Professor Christos Tarantilis becomes Chairman of the Research and Technology Committee of the Greek Parliament

15-09-2021 id:: 3127

Global Recognition for the Postgraduate Programs of the Athens University of Economics and Business for 2022

13-09-2021 id:: 3126

Innovative collaboration of the Athens University of Economics & Business with the University of Quebec

06-09-2021 id:: 3122

AUEB Professors link “vanity” plates in Greece  with “conspicuous corruption”

23-08-2021 id:: 3111

18th e-Summer School  in Risk Finance and Stochastics  Risk Finance and Stochastics RFS-2021  Web, 6–8 September 2021

21-07-2021 id:: 3092

Distinction in the JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2021

23-06-2021 id:: 3051

"10 Years Athens Business Confucius Institute: Τhe future of a prosperous collaboration", Online Conference, 30/6/2021, 10:00

23-06-2021 id:: 3049

The Resilience of the Euro: Online lecture of Professor Philip R. Lane, June 22, 2021, at the Department of Economics of AUEB

14-06-2021 id:: 3034

Deep Generative models and Inverse Problems, 16 June, 18:00, by Alex Dimakis Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Texas at Austin, USA

11-06-2021 id:: 3029

"The Resilience of the Euro", by Philip R. Lane, 22 June 2021, 17:00 - 18:30

24-05-2021 id:: 2975

"Europe in Modern Greece: The constant Navarino", by Kevin Featherstone and George Pagoulatos, 1 June 2021, 17:00 - 18:00

11-05-2021 id:: 2956

Cooperation between the Athens University of Economics and Business and iMEdD (incubator for Media Education and Development) non-profit journalism organization

10-05-2021 id:: 2954

AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop 2021 (SAW2021), 24-25 May 2021 & Short Course on Football Analytics, 26-27-28 May 2021

07-05-2021 id:: 2948

Collaboration of the Athens University of Economics and Business with the Hebei University of Economics and Business

16-04-2021 id:: 2913

AUEB announces collaboration with Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

01-04-2021 id:: 2878

Executive ΜΒΑ students compete in the global Business Strategy Game and excel

31-03-2021 id:: 2875

A students team from the Department of Accounting and Finance excelled in the Hult Prize Competition in Doha, Qatar

09-03-2021 id:: 2844

Webinar: "Stochastic Models in earthquake studies", Πέμπτη 18 Μαρτίου, 10:00

26-02-2021 id:: 2826

Academic Calendar 2020-2021, 3rd Revision

24-02-2021 id:: 2819

Reaccreditation of MBA International and Executive MBA by the Association of MBAs (ΑΜΒΑ)

11-02-2021 id:: 2795

Professor Diomidis Spinellis elected Chairman of the Magazine Operations Committee of the IEEE Computer Society

10-02-2021 id:: 2794

Webinar: "Folklore", Stelios Michalopoulos, Brown University, 10/02/2021 - 17:00

02-02-2021 id:: 2772

Research in 6G Wireless Communication Systems in the Department of Informatics - AUEB

28-01-2021 id:: 2758

STEcon Research Group of the Department of Informatics of AUEB received two new European projects

27-01-2021 id:: 2755
Professor Phoebe Koundouri was elected fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science
27-01-2021 id:: 2749

Laboratory of Human Resource Management: Research in "Pandemic and Digital Adaptation in Human Resource Management: Teleworking and Distance Learning"

26-01-2021 id:: 2746

The Department of Business Administration co-organized the virtual workshop “Enhancing Public Financial Management and Reporting to Meet the Needs of Managers and Stakeholders”, 20-21/01/2021

26-01-2021 id:: 2744

Webinar: "Testing the Adequacy of the Fixed Effects Estimator in the Presence of Cross-section Dependence", George Kapetanios, King's College London, 27 January 2021, 16:00

13-01-2021 id:: 2723

Two undergraduate students of Athens University of Economics and Business awarded with first place at Piraeus Climathon 2020 competition

29-12-2020 id:: 2711

AUEB's first dual degree program agreement with the University of Pavia (Italy)

28-12-2020 id:: 2709

Professor Nancy Pouloudi receives «2020 AIS Technology Challenge Award»

16-12-2020 id:: 2667

AUEB graduate, Lefteris Arapakis, was named by ​the U​nited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) ​ as a “Young Champion of the Earth“

10-12-2020 id:: 2657

ReSEES AUEB, co-organises Piraeus Climathon 2020, December 11 & 12, 2020

08-12-2020 id:: 2652

AUEB’s MMlab has a new project in association with the University of Memphis, as part of EU’s Next Generation Internet initiative

08-12-2020 id:: 2651

Mr Manolis Kritikos, Associate Professor of AUEB’s Department of Management Science and Technology was elected General Secretary of the Mathematical Society of South-Eastern Europe (MASSEE)

07-12-2020 id:: 2647

Webinar: "FAQ: How do I extract the output gap?" by Fabio Canova, BI Norwegian Business School, 9/12/2020, 16:00

02-12-2020 id:: 2632

Research Webinar, “Deploying a Data-Driven COVID-19 Screening Policy at the Greek Border", by Kimon Drakopoulos, USC Marshall School of Business

02-12-2020 id:: 2636

Students of the MBA full-time, AUEB, won in the Warsaw Negotiation Round 2020

24-11-2020 id:: 2606

Dr Vasiliki Brinia, Head of the Teacher Education Program AUEB, won the Outstanding Reviewer Award of Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence 2020

23-11-2020 id:: 2603

Athens University of Economics and Business participates in the ERC Synergy Grant

11-11-2020 id:: 2586

Students of the Department of Management Science and Technology, AUEB, won the HR Case Competition, Purdue University

11-11-2020 id:: 2584

University of Cyprus – Athens University of Economics and Business webinar in Economic Research

29-10-2020 id:: 2567

Achieving gender equality in higher education: The TARGETED-MPI Project

14-10-2020 id:: 2542

AUEB participates in research project on encouraging energy efficient behaviors using Behavioral Science

05-10-2020 id:: 2525

Professor Phoebe Koundouri participated in the The 4th Sustainability Summit for South-East Europe and the Mediterranean in terms of The Economist Events

10-09-2020 id:: 2486

ΜΒΑ AUEB students compete in the global Business Strategy Game and excel

08-09-2020 id:: 2482

Best paper award to Professor G. Baltas, Dr. V. Kontopoulou and Professor F. Kokkinaki of the Department of Marketing and Communication, AUEB

22-07-2020 id:: 2441

PhD candidate at the Department of Statistics, AUEB, was distinguished in the EUvsVirus Hackathon challenge

07-07-2020 id:: 2401

Professor Phoebe Koundouri participates to UN SDSN Senior Working Group on European Green Deal and Lancet Commission on COVID-19

02-07-2020 id:: 2394

European Awards to students of DMST AUEB in the Student Entrepreneurship Competition “JA Europe Enterprise Challenge 2020”

23-06-2020 id:: 2376

17th e-Summer School in Risk Finance and Stochastics, Web, 30 June – 3 July 2020

22-06-2020 id:: 2361

A team from AUEB's Department of Informatics was ranked at 1st position in the ImageCLEFmed Caption 2020

09-06-2020 id:: 2336

Students from AUEB’s Department of Management Science and Technology were awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize at the Virtual & Live Student Competition JA Start 2020

24-02-2020 id:: 2170

AUEB, in collaboration with EIT Climate-KIC Hub Greece, the ATHENA Research Center and the UN SDSN Greece, jointly organize the National Summit on the European Green Deal (March 6th & 9th, 2020)

21-02-2020 id:: 2166

2nd panhellenic student negotiations competition Athens Negotiations Tournament (ΑΝΤ) (2020, April 11-12)

07-02-2020 id:: 2146

Award to an innovative software for mobile devices designed the research groups ELTRUN (Department of Management Science and Technology) and  STEcon (Department of Informatics)

23-10-2019 id:: 1951

Team from AUEB's Department of Informatics wins BioASQ prize 

26-09-2019 id:: 1901

Certificate of Achievement Award to George Alogoskoufis, Professor of Economics, at AUEB’s Department of Economics