University Leadership

AUEB is a State University under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Its main decision-making bodies are the following:

  • The University Senate
  • The Rector

The University Senate is a representative body consisting of the Rector, the three Deputy Rectors, the Chairman and one faculty representative for each academic Department of the University, as well as representatives of students and of the administrative staff. The University Senate constitutes the highest decision making body of the University.

The Rector is the leader of the University. He/she has the responsibility of developing the strategy to be followed by the University, and for implementing the decisions taken by the Senate. He/she is the person who can represent the University in all decisions, international and state bodies, and official functions. According to the Greek law, the Rector is elected in University elections, that take place every 4 years, where the faculty members vote.

The current Rector and the Deputy Rectors of the University are:

Professor Emmanouil Giakoumakis
Deputy Rector for Academic Affairs
Professor Dimitris Bourantonis
Deputy Rector for Economic Affairs
Professor Dimitris Gritzalis
Deputy Rector for Financial Planning and Development
Associate Professor George Xylomenos

The current Rector took office on December 8, 2015. His term is for four years.

Decisions on academic affairs of each Department are made by the Department's General Assembly, which consists of the Department's faculty members and of student representatives. Decisions on academic, financial and administrative matters usually involve the formation of ad hoc committees. Standing committees are also formed on an annual basis, e.g. for the Library, the Computer Center, etc. The Director of each graduate program is a Professor appointed by the General Assembly of the corresponding Department.

The following diagram shows the basic organizational structure of the University leadership.