Collaboration Agreement between AUEB and SEV (Hellenic Federation of Enterprises). A new era begins with the collaboration of students, young scientists, Universities and Greek enterprises with actions which will be immediately realized.









A new era begins with the collaboration of students, young scientists, Universities and Greek enterprises with actions which will be immediately realized


The administrations of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and SEV (HELENIC FEDERATION OF ENTERPRISES) signed a pioneering collaboration agreement, with direct benefits for young scientists and students, at a meeting held yesterday (Tuesday, 2/11/2021) at its Head Offices. The agreement opens a new chapter in the cooperation between academic and research institutions and enterprises in our country.

The cooperation between AUEB and SEV includes immediately realized initiatives and actions involving 3 + 5 pillars, including education, research, and interconnection with the labor market, and aims at modernizing, strengthening, and upgrading our country's human resources.

The signing of the collaboration agreement between AUEB and SEV adopts the will for wider cooperation between academic institutions and companies. It strengthens the possibility of cultivating modern skills, which are necessary for the digital and green transition of companies, but also the possibility of transforming the high levels of research conducted at AUEB, into innovative products and services.

Further, it marks the cooperation in a wide range of actions between institutions that stand at the forefront of the industry’s effort for digital transformation, connecting production with acquired knowledge and responding to the present challenges, which impose new ways of cooperation between academia and business, with more interaction and exchange of information, views, and experiences. Simultaneously, it places higher education at the heart of the development process in the knowledge economy, digital transformation and green transition, while it can make the greatest contribution to education, training, research, and business to adapt to the requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The agreement between AUEB and SEV constitutes an emblematic initiative, and follows a series of successful SEV efforts (focusing on industrial doctorates at the University of Patras, internships with members of the Federation, the AI ​​Minds academy in collaboration with SAS at home universities, as well as other initiatives), but also AUEB’s efforts (collaborations in research, education and innovation with the Athens Chamber of Commerce, the Athens Traders Association, ELSTAT, etc., as well as with prestigious institutions of higher learning at home & abroad).

AUEB-SEV cooperation begins with immediately realized initiatives in the following 3 + 5 pillars:

1. "Applied Doctoral Research" on topics related to the interests/fields of SEV members, through the preparation of applied doctoral dissertations by AUEB students. With 50% co-funding by companies, the Program aims to link AUEB research with the needs to improve the competitiveness of SEV members. Six (6) research positions on Digital Transformation and cutting-edge topics in Information and Communication Technologies, Management Science and Business Administration in the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Statistics, Accounting and Finance, Economics, Marketing in the digital era, will be announced shortly.

2. "Teaming up with research" with analyses and studies on issues that concern enterprises - SEV members, via postgraduate dissertations, but also postdoctoral research, with limited co-financing by companies. Affiliations on the same topics begin immediately with the case of applied doctoral research.

3. "Teaming up with Industries" via internship programs for AUEB students by SEV member companies. The action starts immediately with the aim of better connecting students with the market and providing the opportunity to empower companies with new executives who possess modern skills.

In addition, AUEB-SEV collaboration concerns the following:

4. "Skills upgrading" with specialized AUEB programs for digital skills, required in the labor market.

5. "Digital transformation" with training programs for business executives, but also with a specialized AUEB team that will mentor enterprises for their digital transformation.

6. "Connection with innovation" via programs, for start-ups and operating enterprises, for the conversion of new ideas into products and services in Greece and abroad, assisted by the services of AUEB’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

7. "Connection with the labor market" with meetings with business executives and visits to company headquarters to transfer experiences from the market to the students.

8. "Exchange of Expertise" between the two organizations and companies for continuous improvement of the established link between education and research with the labor market.


After the signing of the memorandum of collaboration, AUEB’s Rector, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, stressed: "Our cooperation with SEV, as well as with other bodies of Greek entrepreneurship, opens new horizons for students and the new generation as well as for enterprises and their employees. It is the realization of the connection between the academic community and the real economy. This substantial connection that begins today can only bring benefits to the entire ecosystem of the Greek economy. These benefits will emerge immediately through the pioneering actions that are being implemented between the Athens University of Economics & Business and SEV. It really marks a new era for a better future for the country's young scientists and enterprises”.

The President of SEV’s Executive Committee, Mr. Efthymios O. Vidalis stated: "In the new era of knowledge and in a changing world, the cooperation of companies with higher education and research institutions is a critical condition for the connection with the labor market, the acceleration of the digital transformation, the green transition and the utilization of innovation in production. The AUEB-SEV collaboration creates very positive benefits for students, young researchers, and businesses. It focuses on immediate implementation of actions such as applied industrial PhDs, postgraduate theses on fields of interest to SEV members, internship programs for AUEB students offered by  SEV member companies, but also the link of AUEB graduates with the labor market ".

Present at the event were the Vice Rector for Research and Lifelong Learning of AUEB Mr. George Lekakos and the Deputy General Manager of SEV Mr. George Xirogiannis, who will undertake the coordination of the collaboration program.

Note for journalists: See the attached Information Sheet which includes interesting facts regarding the connection between education and the job market and production.

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Last updated: 11 November 2021