AUEB presents a comprehensive program of Social Responsibility and Offering

Athens, March 17, 2022

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AUEB presents a comprehensive program of Social Responsibility and Offering


The Athens University of Economics and Business established 102 years ago, consistently serves the Greek society with a set of timeless values ​​such as Excellence, Academic Freedom and Ethics, Innovation, Extroversion and Social Responsibility, while constantly listening to the societal needs that arise and detecting new perspectives.

In this context, AUEB redefines the value of social contribution and the alleviation of inequalities by designing a comprehensive program of actions that support young people's dreams, strengthen the pillars of our society, protect the environment, support vulnerable groups, and create value for all.

Relying mainly on the voluntary contribution of its academic community members and especially its students, AUEB contributes to the great social needs. To illustrate, voluntary blood donation is carried out systematically, aid is offered to students through social tutorials; it implements assistance programs (catastrophic fires of North Evia), organizes athletic events (OPA run) with social impact, publishes a newspaper (OPA News) with articles related to current research and educational topics focusing on their social consequences.

Today the University presents all relevant actions on its website

and constantly designs & plans new actions with social sensitivity, such as the recent "adoption" of the HERMES Association for People with Disabilities.

Through its 8 Undergraduate Study Programs and 29 Postgraduate Programs, AUEB cultivates & supports ethics and responsibility in the ecosystem of the economy and society.

Vice-Rector Konstantinos Drakos, Professor and Head of Social Responsibility and Offering program at the Athens University of Economics and Business, stated: "It is our awareness of the constantly changing social needs, which make social responsibility and contribution a key component of our values and institutional identity, and a guide for the future course of our community. AUEB proves once again that it identifies with the needs of society and the economy "


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