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01-02-2023 id:: 3771

Reaccreditation of the MBA International and the Executive MBA by AMBA - The Association of MBAs

26-01-2023 id:: 3764

The Department of Accounting and Finance, AUEB and the ACCA invite you to the conference they co-organize on Tuesday, March 7 at 9:00 am. in the Antoniadou Amphitheater at AUEB.

26-01-2023 id:: 3763

"Understanding history through photo collections in a digital age - the challenges of Holocaust Archives in the future", Jonathan Matthews, Head, Yad Vashem Photo Archive, 26.1.23, 16:00

19-01-2023 id:: 3755

Columbia University and the Athens University of Economics and Business are exploring possibilities for cooperation

19-01-2023 id:: 3753

AUEB hosted faculty and students from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

11-01-2023 id:: 3734

Joint Ph.D. (Cotutelle de Thèse) between the University of Lausanne and the Athens University of Economics and Business: “Statistics and Forensic Science” Department of Statistics, AUEB School of Criminal Justice, University of Lausanne

21-12-2022 id:: 3726

"LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IN THE DIGITAL ERA: Shaping the Future of Work and Business Education", 19-23/6/2023, Athens-Syros

15-12-2022 id:: 3720

AI Explainability and Tech Trust & Safety, Theodoros Evgeniou, INSEAD, Monday 2022-12-19, 13:00 (Greek Time)

06-12-2022 id:: 3709

«Croatia's Path to the EU and the Eurozone»: Special Lecture by Mr. Boris Vujčić, Governor of the Central Bank of Croatia, organized by the M.Sc. in International Negotiations of AUEB

06-12-2022 id:: 3708

International Conference on: «Non-linear Econometrics and Endogeneity», 16.12.2022, 10:30-17:30, Radisson Blu Park Athens

24-11-2022 id:: 3685

International Acclaim for Ph.D. Graduate of the Department of Business Administration, Stavros Vourloumis

22-11-2022 id:: 3682

AUEB’s School of Business Administration among the "Top 300 Business Schools" worldwide according to Eduniversal

18-11-2022 id:: 3680

ΑΙ@AUEB talk: “What we Talk about When we Talk about Politics", by Konstantina Dritsa, John Pavlopoulos, Panos Louridas, 22 November, 16:15-17:00

15-11-2022 id:: 3677

AUEB's charity concert for HERMES Association was a huge success

15-11-2022 id:: 3669

Athens University of Economics and Business receives delegates of 16 leading American Universities

15-11-2022 id:: 3676

Best Poster Award | “Digital agricultural management tools for efficient and integrated policy-making

03-11-2022 id:: 3662

International distinction of the Athens University of Economics and Business in the field of "Finance and Business Administration"

22-10-2022 id:: 3645

AUEB hosted William & Mary University, Athens 15.10-22.10.22

19-10-2022 id:: 3641

The M.Sc. in International Negotiations of AUEB is supporting the 6th ECB Simulation Conference

11-10-2022 id:: 3633

Participation of the Department of Statistics and Professor Dimitris Karlis in Journalism Week

06-10-2022 id:: 3619

The graduate programs of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) occupy leading positions internationally, according to the authoritative international evaluation organization "Eduniversal Best Masters Rankings" for 2022.

13-09-2022 id:: 3583

Professor Phoebe Koundouri at the X AERNA Conference 2022 of the Spanish-Portuguese Association of Natural and Environmental Resources Economics, Barcelona 1-3 September, 2022


02-09-2022 id:: 3571

Prof. Vasileios Kemerlis of Brown U. completed his visit and collaboration with MMlab researchers funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation through the Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program


26-08-2022 id:: 3563

RRPE Annual Best Paper Award for the year 2022 goes to Professor Andriana Vlachou and Researcher Georgios Pantelias

25-08-2022 id:: 3562

19th e-Summer School in Risk Finance and Stochastics, Risk Finance and Stochastics RFS-2021, Web, 28–30 September 2022

26-07-2022 id:: 3552

Prof. Phoebe Koundouri have been elected member of Academia Europae and member Board of the Trustees of the World Academy of Art and Science (WAAS)

19-07-2022 id:: 3545

Launch of the SDSN Global Climate Hub


18-07-2022 id:: 3536

Dual/Double M.Sc. Degree in “Statistics and Financial Analytics” from Athens University of Economics and Stevens Institute of Technology 


14-07-2022 id:: 3537

AUEB’s Department of Economics supports the organization of the 20th Conference on Research on Economic Theory and Econometrics from July 11 through July 15, 2022 at Tinos

12-07-2022 id:: 3534

Cooperation Agreement between the Athens University of Economics and Business and Accenture

29-06-2022 id:: 3521

Selection of 15 undergraduate and postgraduate AUEB students to attend summer school organized by the Southwestern University of Finance & Economics (SWUFE) free of charge

17-06-2022 id:: 3510

The Athens University of Economics and Business signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Michigan State University. The collaboration begins with a Summer Study Program in the field of digital business (DigiBiz)

16-06-2022 id:: 3509

AUEB-NKUA-Indiana Conference in Biostatistics & Health Analytics, 4-6 July 2022, Aegina Island

15-06-2022 id:: 3508

ΑΙ@AUEB talk: "Spectral Algorithms for Ranking Regression" by Stratis Ioannidis, Northeastern University, USA, Tuesday, 28 June 17.15

15-06-2022 id:: 3506

JA Start-up 2022: First Prize for the digital idea of ​​DMST team

07-06-2022 id:: 3487

Professor Robert J. Barro will be awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Department of Economics of the Athens University of Economics and Business on June 8th, 2022


06-06-2022 id:: 3486

Cooperation Agreement between the Athens University of Economics and Business and the Peloponnese & Western Greece Federation of Enterprises and Industries


03-06-2022 id:: 3481

AI@AUEB talk : "On new variants of multiplicative weights update and mirror descent methods for zero-sum games", by Vangelis Markakis, Tuesday 7 June 2022, 17:15-18:00

31-05-2022 id:: 3478

AUEB and Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, strengthen their strategic cooperation

25-05-2022 id:: 3471

Students of the Department of Economics-AUEB, represented Greece at the UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

25-05-2022 id:: 3472

Memorandum of Understanding between the Athens University of Economics and Business with the Hanoi University of Home Affairs in Vietnam

23-05-2022 id:: 3469

Presentation of the Department of Statistics - AUEB to Schools

23-05-2022 id:: 3467

The finals of this year's Negotiation World Championship “The Negotiation Challenge 2022” were hosted by Athens University of Economics and Business and the MSc in International Negotiations

19-05-2022 id:: 3457

Event in honor of Prof. Nikolaos Christodoulakis and Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas | Department of International and European Economic Studies

18-05-2022 id:: 3455

Short Course: Basketball Data Science, 23-24/5/22

18-05-2022 id:: 3454

6th AUEB Sports Analytics Workshop (AUEB SAW2022), 26-27/5/22

18-05-2022 id:: 3453

Reception of Taiwan representatives at the Athens University of Economics and Business

18-05-2022 id:: 3450

"SCIENCE AGORA": The first "Proof of Concept" program, regarding environment and energy, starts with the support of Google

16-05-2022 id:: 3448

Double M.Sc. Degree in Statistics & Finance of the Department of Statistics of Athens University of Economics and Business and the Department of Economics and Management of University of Pavia

10-05-2022 id:: 3444

Reception of the Ambassador of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at the Athens University of Economics and Business

10-05-2022 id:: 3443

International Distinction: The most Influential Paper Award for Georgios Gousios and Diomidis Spinellis

05-05-2022 id:: 3437

Memorandum of Cooperation between Université Saint-Louis - Bruxelles and the Athens University of Economics and Business

04-05-2022 id:: 3435

Department of Management Science & Technology 18th Student Conference: "Digital Transformation", Thursday 19 May 2022

04-05-2022 id:: 3436

Science Agora Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, May 10-11, 2022

29-04-2022 id:: 3431

Event in honor of Prof. Nikolaos Christodoulakis and Prof. Anastasios Xepapadeas | Department of International and European Economic Studies – Friday, May 6th 2022

29-04-2022 id:: 3427

Award of Doctorate ‘Honoris Causa’ and Address of Professor Olivier Blanchard on ‘Reform of EU Fiscal Rules’

20-04-2022 id:: 3421

Students create an anti-cartel campaign: a collaboration between the Competition Committee and the Athens University of Economics and Business

19-04-2022 id:: 3420

AI @ AUEB Lecture Series

19-04-2022 id:: 3417

Athens University of Economics & Business Postgraduate Program in International Negotiations «The Negotiation Challenge 2022»

18-04-2022 id:: 3415

«Greece into the European Union», by the MSc in International European Economic Studies in collaboration with Université Paris-Dauphine’s

18-04-2022 id:: 3416

Professor Sir Richard Blundell was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Athens University of Economics and Business

15-04-2022 id:: 3414

The alumni sailing team of the Executive MBA of the Athens University of Economics and Business competes against the world’s top business schools in the 16th Global MBA Trophy 2022

11-04-2022 id:: 3407

Panhellenic Student Negotiations Competition, Athens Negotiations Tournament, May 14-15 & 28-29, 2022

11-04-2022 id:: 3401

New international recognition for the Athens University of Economics and Business in 2022

07-04-2022 id:: 3398

The Rector of AUEB Professor Dimitris Bourantonis at the Delphi Economic Forum VII

05-04-2022 id:: 3396

Event held by the MSc in Economics-AUEB attended by 26 students of Master's Program "International Economic Expertise" of the Dauphine Université Paris

05-04-2022 id:: 3391

Professor Nancy Pouloudi Greek President at AIS

01-04-2022 id:: 3390

Applied Doctoral Research Program - 1st Announcement/Invitation, 1/4/2002

29-03-2022 id:: 3385

Professor Koundouri and co-authors, received the prize for the Best Applied Article published by the Journal of Benefit-Cost Analysis. 

23-03-2022 id:: 3382

"Restoring and attributing ancient texts using deep neural networks", Thea Sommerschield, Yannis Assael, Marita Chatzipanagiotou, John Pavlopoulos, 29/3, 17:15

22-03-2022 id:: 3376

Professor Diomidis Spinellis has received the designation of “Distinguished Contributor Recognition Program” by IEEE Computer Society 

17-03-2022 id:: 3375

AUEB presents a comprehensive program of Social Responsibility and Offering

11-03-2022 id:: 3365

The Municipality of Athens, the Athens University of Economics and Business and the National Technical University of Athens join forces to support innovation and entrepreneurship

10-03-2022 id:: 3364

Prof. Ion Androutsopoulos and researchers John Pavlopoulos and Marita Chatzipanagiotou, contributed to a significant work published in Nature journal

04-03-2022 id:: 3356

2022 European Year of Youth

03-03-2022 id:: 3355

MBA International graduate Sotirios Ptochos wins the prestigious MBA Startup of the Year 2022 Award

02-03-2022 id:: 3350

"Hand it ... to HERMES", March 8 & 9, 10:00-14:00

22-02-2022 id:: 3341

Athens University of Economics & Business: International Recognition in the field of Computer Science


17-02-2022 id:: 3340

Presentation of AUEB’s Undergraduate Study Programs to Lyceum students, on March 10, 2022

16-02-2022 id:: 3338

An important distinction for Professor N. Pouloudi’s published work

09-02-2022 id:: 3333

The "Tech Connect Event" was held with great success for the first time

07-02-2022 id:: 3330

AUEB "adopts" "Hermes", the pan-Hellenic association of Parents, Guardians & Friends of People with Disabilities

04-02-2022 id:: 3327

VIMA on Sunday is published together with OPA News

03-02-2022 id:: 3326

18th Management Science & Technology Student Conference entitled "Digital Transformation: The Radical Changes in New Technologies in Modern Society and Business"

02-02-2022 id:: 3322

Retail Customer Experience Awards 2021 | 1st Customer Experience Competition, Physical & Online Store

01-02-2022 id:: 3319

AUEB’s Human Resource Management Laboratory Research: "Teleworking: Will it stay with us?"

31-01-2022 id:: 3317

The Conference "Innovation in Greece and the institutions that support it 3.0" was completed with great success for the third consecutive year

17-01-2022 id:: 3281

Registration/participation in the 3rd Student Competition in Economics "HERMES" has started

12-01-2022 id:: 3288

Visit of the delegates of the University of Business & Technology (UBT) of Saudi Arabia at AUEB campus

29-12-2021 id:: 3277

AUEB receives the Gold Award by the Hellenic Institute of Business Ethics - EBEN GR

22-12-2021 id:: 3272

Athens University of Economics & Business: Social Contribution Actions

21-12-2021 id:: 3269

The undergraduate BSc in Accounting and Finance program, offered by the Department of Accounting & Finance, has become a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts’ (CFA) University Affiliation Program.

21-12-2021 id:: 3265

Conference "The Greek Economy: from 1821 to date "

17-12-2021 id:: 3258

Lecture by Dr. Demosthenes Ioannou, Senior Lead Economist, European Central Bank at the Department of Economics

16-12-2021 id:: 3257

An AUEB event for the Certification of Postgraduate Programs


01-12-2021 id:: 3240

The School of Business Administration of the Athens University of Economics and Business among the top 300 Business Schools worldwide according to Eduniversal

25-11-2021 id:: 3230

AUEB Career Days 2021


19-11-2021 id:: 3223

Prioritizing internationalization: William & Mary - AUEB collaboration 

18-11-2021 id:: 3221

Global recognition for 15 scientists of the Athens University of Economics and Business

15-11-2021 id:: 3210

Athens University of Economics and Business among the internationally renowned Institutions in the field of "Finance and Business Administration”