The Athens University of Economics and Business launches a pioneering 3D Virtual Walkthrough

The Athens University of Economics and Business, faithful to the values of social responsibility, extroversion and innovation, having as a strategic priority the upgrading of its services, developed the new 3D Virtual Walkthrough for its newest building on Trias Street.

The new application, designed to improve services and accessibility at the University, includes:

  • ''Dollhouse'': The building in 3D visualization 
  • ''VR Mode'': Virtual Reality walkthroug
  • ''Measurements'': Ability to measure all spaces to check the accessibility of wheelchair users
  • ''Floor Plan'': Free access to the floor plans of the building

The application, already available at, allows visitors to browse the Trias Building, search and find services and information from the specially designed menu, and communicate directly with the University through the ''Get In Touch'' form.  Moreover, in the ''Latest Videos'' section, the visitor can watch the latest spots of the Athens University of Economics and Business regarding internationalization and Erasmus+ Programs.

It is a web based application with material that is constantly updated and enriched and aspires to be a lively and welcoming virtual environment of the AUEB, accessible to everyone, in Greece and abroad.

This new 3D Virtual Tour Application was created in collaboration with the company ''Vivestia'' (luxury accommodation booking platform), by Andreas Gkinis, Marketing Partner and graduate of the Department of Marketing and Communication of the Athens University of Economics and Business, and the Vivestia team.

On the occasion of the innovative virtual tour application, the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, emphasizes: "We work systematically to improve our services and the accessibility of our premises, with respect and care for our fellow citizens with special needs. At the same time, using modern media and channels, we aspire to constantly strengthen the image of the AUEB in the international educational arena. Our goal is a modern and innovative university environment that makes the best use of technology for the benefit of all."


Below is a brief presentation of the application:


Last updated: 12 July 2023