The Director-General for Energy European Commission,  Mrs Ditte Juul-Jørgensen at AUEB

On Thursday, 27.04.2023, at AUEB faculties (AUEB Building (Troias 2, Spetson and Kimolou), our University had the honor to host the Director-General for Energy European Commission, Mrs Ditte Juul-Jørgensen, who made an educational speech to our students related to "EU Policies and Long-term Perspectives in Addressing the Energy Crisis".

Following the introduction by AUEB's Vice Rector Prof. Vasilios Papadakis and Assoc. Prof. Christina Tarnanidou, Mrs Juul-Jørgensen has referred to the challenges that EU has faced during the recent energy crisis, the structural measures taken and their outcome as well as the future initiatives to be adopted for the purposes of energy independence of the Union and the tackling of the climate change.

The Director General had a fruitful discussion with the students and the academics present, who expressed their thoughts on matters regarding the operation of energy markets, the transition to a green economy and the future of energy sector in the EU.

Mrs. Juul-Jørgensen is a Supreme Officer in the European Commission with significant experience in aspects of energy, commercial relations and trading of goods and since August 2019 she has under her competency as a Director General DG ENER at the Commission the crucial issue of addressing the energy crisis at an EU level.


Last updated: 3 May 2023