Conference "The Greek Economy: from 1821 to date "

Athens, December 21, 2021

Press Release

The one-day conference of the Economic Policy Study Laboratory of the Department of Economics at Athens University of Economics and Business, entitled "The Greek Economy: from 1821 to date ", took place remotely on Friday 17 December 2021, 09:00-18:00 and was transmitted on YouTube.

The one-day conference was organized by Professors George Alogoskoufis (Head of the Department of Economics), Apostolis Filippopoulos (Scientific Director of the EPSL) and Ioanna-Sappho Pepelasi (Emeritus Professor of the Department and member of EPSL).

The participants were greeted by the Professor and Rector of AUEB, Dimitris Bourantonis and the Professor and Head of the Department of Economics, George Alogoskoufis.

The first section, entitled Economy, State and Politics, coordinated by Professor Ioanna-Sappho Pepelasi, included four presentations:

Alogoskoufis G. (AUEB), "Historical Performance and Imbalances of the Greek Economy"

Kostis K. (NKUA), "State and Economy in Greece"

Iordanoglou Ch. (Panteion University), "The Greek Economy: 1950-2019: A Brief Review"

Sotiropoulos D.A (NKUA), "The Greek political system in the comparative context of the EU"

The second section, entitled, Fiscal & Monetary Instability, External Lending & Crisis, coordinated by Professor Eleni Louri (AUEB), included three presentations:

Kakridis A. (Ionian University and BoG), "Wars, defense spending and the formation of the fiscal capacity of the Greek state"

Christodoulakis N. (AUEB), "Trust and Accumulation in 19th Century Greece"

Filippopoulos A. (AUEB), "The Crisis of 2010: Causes and Consequences"

The third section, entitled Special Issues in Economics and Politics, coordinated by Professor Apostolis Filippopoulos (AUEB), included three presentations:

Kammas P. (AUEB), "The Vote of Women"

Pepelasi I. (AUEB) "The process of transplanting western institutions in Greece: The case of Societe Anonyme (c. 1821-1931)"

Sarantidis V. (University of Sheffield), "Expansion of Raisin Production and Education in the 19th Century"

The conference ended with an extremely interesting round table discussion entitled,

“Two Hundred Years: An Assessment and Prospects for the Future”, which was coordinated by Professor George Alogoskoufis G. (AUEB), and during which numerous Professors presented their views: Evaggelos Venizelos E. (AUTh), Thanos Veremis (NKUA), Nikiforos Diamantouros (Academy of Athens), Stathis Kalyvas (Oxford University), Costas Kostis (NKUA) and Antonis Liakos (NKUA).

The proceedings of the conference have been uploaded on YouTube,

They will also be published in a special volume in 2022.

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