2022 European Year of Youth

2022 European Year of Youth

2022 has been declared the European Year of Youth, a milestone in a process of reflection on the future of young people and their active participation in building Europe. In this context, the National Commission for the Implementation Planning and Monitoring of the project created the official website of the European Youth Year 2022 for our country.

The website is accessed through the link:


The website can become a focal point for informing young people about events, activities, as well as all kinds of topics related to the European Youth Year 2022. Its sections host news, announcements and invitations to events and actions, press releases, as well as other useful information which can attract young people to actively participate in the European Youth Year 2022.

The Ministry of Education, through the National Committee for Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Project, invites all members of the academic community to be informed through the website about the actions that are organized / will be organized and advertise the implementation of a relevant action by using the contact form of the website to the Commission to spread the information.



Last updated: 11 April 2022