WI-FI Connection

Configuring Your Device for Wireless Connection

You can connect to the Internet with a WiFi connection using the eduroam network (which also gives you Internet connection when in other academic institutions that have access to the eduroam wireless network).

Eduroam is an international roaming network for wireless access to the Internet that was developed for the international academic and research communities.  When you set up your devices for the eduroam network in Athens University of Economics and Business, you can connect to the Internet in any university all over the world which has eduroam, without changing your settings.  You can find the participating universities in http://www.eduroam.org/

Instructions on how to connect to eduroam

Go to https://cat.eduroam.org/ from any device with connection to the Internet. Click on "eduroam user: download your eduroam installer" and select "Athens University of Economics and Business". Click on "all platforms" and select the operating system of the device on which you will install eduroam. Transfer the downloaded file to the device and install it, reading the instructions which appear on your screen first. 

When asked for your account information, enter <your username>@aueb.gr in the Username field, and your password in the Password field.  @aueb.gr in the Username indicates that you are a member of AUEB. 

Specifically for Android, you can connect with a non-automated method, without downloading the required application from https://cat.eduroam.org/, by following these instructions: 

  • Go to Settings 
  • Click on Wi-Fi
  • Click on eduroam
  • Complete the fields appropriately:  

    • EAP Method: TTLS
    • Phase 2 authentication: PAP
    • CA Certification: (not defined)
    • User Certification: (not defined)
    • Identity: <your username>@aueb.gr
    • Unknown identity: (leave empty)
    • Password: Your password
  • Finally, click on Connect. 

We recommend, however, that you use the CAT package (https://cat.eduroam.org/) in order to achieve the highest level of security for your connection. 



Last updated: 21 November 2019