Quality Assurance Policy


Quality Assurance Units (QAUs), called "ΜΟ.ΔΙ.Π." in Greek, are independent divisions tasked with performing quality assurance within Greek Universities. AUEB's Quality Assurance Unit (QAU) has been supporting the University for more than a decade. The general responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Unit, amongst others, are:

  • Developing specific policies, strategies, and the necessary procedures for continuous improvement in the quality of services provided by the University. This set of policies, strategies and procedures comprises the Internal Quality Assurance System of the University.
  • Organizing, operating and improving on AUEB's Internal Quality Assurance System.
  • Coordinating and supporting the evaluation procedures of the academic units and other services of the University.
  • Supporting the external evaluation and certification procedures of both study programs and the Internal Quality Assurance System of the Foundation, within the principles, directions and instructions of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education (HAHE).
  • Developing an evaluation data management Information System, in collaboration with HAHE.
  • Systematically monitoring and publishing data relevant to the evaluation of procedures on the University website


During the past decade an extensive series of evaluations, internal and external, as well as certification procedures have taken place on many different levels. Our University prides itself on the significance it affords to issues of Quality Assurance, and this has been manifested in the excellent feedback we consistently receive by the relevant external committees. In 2019 the University's Internal Quality Assurance System was accredited until 2023 by HAHE, who decreed that the System is fully compliant with all relevant requirements, both national as well as European Higher Education Area Standards and Guidelines (ESGs). Similar certifications have been consequently afforded to all University Departments.


For more information on quality assurance at AUEB, please visit https://modip.aueb.gr (in Greek).



Last updated: 19 September 2022