Network Economics and Services Group from AUEB participated in the research project "Trilogy: Architecting the Future Internet" and received the "Future Internet Award" (October 28, 2011)


The research project "Trilogy: Architecting the Future Internet", which developed a long-term solution to Internet traffic congestion, received the prize "Future Internet Award" at Future Internet Week in Poznan, Poland (October 28, 2011).

The "Trilogy" project received the prize for its outstanding contribution to the Internet architecture and protocols, which could help provide Europeans with faster, more reliable Internet connections.

The three year project, completed in March 2011, brought together researchers and companies from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Greece, Spain, UK and the US to find methods of managing traffic so that congestion at choke points of the network is minimised, thus resulting in better quality connections for Internet users.

The project partner from Greece is Network Economics and Services Group that belongs to the AUEB's Theory, Economics and Systems Laboratory and consists of Costas A. Courcoubetis (Head of Group), Antonis Dimakis, Costas Kalogiros, Alexandros Kostopoulos and Michalis Kanakakis.

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