George-Marios Angeletos, graduate of the Department of Economics of AUEB, is one of the five recipients of the 2008 "Awards for Scientific Excellence" of the Bodossaki Foundation


The Bodossaki Foundation is one of the most respected privately owned public welfare organisations in Greece. It was established in

1973 and is administered by a nine-member Board of Trustees. Ιn what was an unprecedented act for his time, Bodossakis bequeathed his entire fortune to this Foundation, whose principal objectives are:

  1. Promotion of education in Greece, which was the abiding aim of the life of Bodossakis.
  2. Promotion of medical care in Greece, particularly for the poorer classes.
  3. Protection of the natural environment.

One of the yearly activities of the Foundation is the granting of the Scientific Awards to five Greek scientists who have already been distinguished in the sectors of Applied Sciences, Social Sciences, Medicine and Biomedicine. The concept of Scientific Rewards was initially realized in 1993, and aims to highlight the creative work of Greek scientists up to 40 years and their continuous and reliable effort in the promotion of science. This year's event, was held on June 11, 2008 and was honoured with the presence of the President of Hellenic Republic Mr Karolos Papoulias.

Among this year's recipients was Professor George-Marios Angeletos, who received the award for Economics.

Ο George-Marios Angeletos, currently a Professor of Economics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), was born in Athens in 1975. He studied in the Department of Economics of Athens University of Economics and Business. In 1996 he received his degree with the highest score in the recorded history of the Department and in 1997 he received his Master's, also excellently, from the same Department. He continued his studies in Harvard University, with complete scholarship, where he received the Doctorate (Ph.D.) in 2001.

His research area is in the field of Macroeconomic Theory, especially Public Debt, Reallocation of Income, Economic Crises and Information, Economic Crises and Economic Policy, Expectations and Economic Fluctuations. He has published in the most validly international scientific magazines of his branch. He has given above 80 lectures in universities of America and Europe and participated in numerous international scientific congresses.