The Digital Innovation Center of the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEXGroup) begins: Invitation to submit





November 11th, 2020

Press Release

The Digital Innovation Center of the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEXGroup) begins: Invitation to submit


ATHEX Innovation Program is an ATHEX Group initiative with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs, startups and researchers on topics of mutual interest. The Program is organized with the support of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin) of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and aims at engaging talent and exploring emerging digital trends and innovative services for the Greek capital market. Recognizing an ever-growing need for entrepreneurship and innovation, we invite you to submit your ideas for innovative services and models using the latest trends and technologies in market infrastructure and Fintech.

Apply   here   until November 30th 2020.

The main objectives of the program are:

  • To support the participants with coaching, mentoring, and training to successfully join the Digital Innovation Center of the Stock Exchange, and
  • To highlight new innovative digital services, to achieve the exchange of new ideas and solutions that lead to the digital transformation of the ATHEX Group and its members.


Who can participate in the program:


Startup - Entrepreneurial Stream

Startups that have already validated their solution, but the market fit and business models are still in progress, and entrepreneurial teams that just launched their idea and have not validated it.

Research Stream

Research Teams or Independent Researchers (with research results in the context of doctoral, scientific research or dissertation) wishing to take the outcome of their research efforts to the market.

Graduate Talent Stream

Talented scientists or individuals with strong tech/AI/financial background, knowledge and/or work experience.


Participants will be invited to participate in workshops on emerging technologies, current practices and future challenges of Capital Market Infrastructure and Fintech with experts from ATHEX Group. Also, present their technology and business solution, meet the experts and get feedback on how to adapt their innovation so that it best meets the ATHEX Group’s needs.



Here are some of the challenges you are invited to address when participating in the “ATHEX Innovation Program” in the general areas of Capital Markets Infrastructure and FinTech:

  • Big data analytics
  • Artificial intelligence applications
  • Blockchain applications
  • Software engineering tools/ low code automation
  • Cloud computing
  • Applied Mathematical models
  • Intelligence-driven Decision making
  • HPC – High performance computing

As the CEO of the Athens Exchange Group, Socrates Lazaridis has declared “ATHEX Innovation Program will help young and talented entrepreneurs and researchers, whether on their own or with their team, to get acquainted with the Greek capital market and its experts with the aim of discovering and promoting innovative ideas and accelerating the digital transformation of the market.”

You can find more information on this email ““ and this phone number 210 8203827.


More information for ATHEX Group

Athens Exchange Group (ATHEX Group), provides support to the Greek Capital Market. Operates the organized equities and derivatives markets, the alternative market and performs clearing and settlement of trades. Offers financing tools and solutions to companies, expands investor choice by providing a safe, stable and easy environment in full alignment with international practices and the European regulatory framework.


More information for Athens Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ACEin)

As part of its strategy towards innovation and entrepreneurship, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) has recently established the Athens Center of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (commonly initialized as ACEin), the University’s new incubation center. Key strategy of ACEin is to support newly established very small and small companies, operating in innovative fields, such as e-commerce, ICT, social entrepreneurship, etc. Within the framework of ACEin these companies are offered training on how to establish and run a start-up, services from experts in fields such as accounting and taxation issues, legal issues, etc., mentoring and networking.

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