AUEB's structure for the implementation and organization of European and international mobility

The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) strategy is to expand as much as possible its already existing extensive network of collaborations with European Higher Education Area (EHEA) institutions in order to develop further its activities and overall visibility in the EHEA. Moreover AUEB aims at increasing its collaboration with non-EU universities enriching more its international profile.

The organization structure regarding the implementation of international mobility schemes includes Central and Departmental Administration.

The central administration is responsible for carrying out tasks such as the coordination of mobility, the communication with the partners and incoming/outgoing students, the organization of information campaigns, the monitoring of bilateral agreements, the promotion of mobility programmes to local and foreign students, the management of Erasmus grants, the assistance on mobility issues to incoming and outgoing students, and teaching and administrative staff members.

The departmental tasks are carried out by the departmental academic coordinator, being responsible for all academic issues including recognition with the use of ECTS, and an administrative staff per department, providing support to the academic coordinator and dealing with all issues related to outgoing and incoming students' mobility. This structure is implemented in an effective and efficient way for quite many years at AUEB.