The AUEB Research Center

The Research Center of Athens University of Economics and Business (RC/AUEB) was established in 1983 in order to promote theoretical and applied research in the scientific fields that are of direct interest to the University.

The aim of the RC/AUEB is to allocate and manage funds which come from any source and which are intended to cover expenses that are essential for the needs of the University’s research, educational, training and development programmes, as well as its continuing education projects.

The RC/AUEB also covers expenditures with respect to: the provision of scientific, technological and artistic services; conducting specialized studies; carrying out experimental trials and measurements of laboratory tests and analyses; the provision of opinions; the preparation of specifications on behalf of third parties; and other relevant services or activities which contribute to the linkage of education and research with production, and which are carried out or provided by the scientific staff of Universities and/or in collaboration with other specialized scientists.

Since 1983, within the framework of the Research Center’s operation, more than 800 research studies have been carried out in the scientific areas of interest of the AUEB Teaching and Research Staff, which are Economic Sciences, Business Administration, Statistics, Informatics, Marketing, Accounting and Management Science. The RC/AUEB is responsible for the accounting management of all the Programmes carried out by the members of the University.

The Research Center’s resources to fund such research come primarily from the European Union, but also from public and private organizations, from the University and from international organizations. The scientific associates of the Research Center enjoy complete freedom with regard to the selection of research topics and the methodology employed, as well as the results of their work. The research programmes can also employ students, based on the recommendation of the researchers.


Research Center of Athens University of Economics and Business

46, Kefallinias str, 112 51 Athens, Greece

T: +30 210 8203830

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Last updated: 18 April 2019