A 12-day business negotiation role-playing simulation via email is being organized for the first time in Greece by AUEB's Laboratory CIRN and the Kogod School of Business



The Center of Industrial Relations and Negotiations of the Department of Business Administration of Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), in collaboration

with the American University Kogod School of Business, organize for the first time in Greece "a 12-day business negotiation role-playing simulation via email" (26/3/09-7/04/09).

The scientific directors of the whole procedure are professor Andreas Nikolopoulos for AUEB, and Roger Volkema for Kogod Business School.

The negotiation's objective is to reach an agreement in 7 different areas of interest, based on a predefined scoring system for each team. Its duration is 12 days and the expected delivery date will be April 7. The results of this exercise will be presented in a joint video conference at students of both universities by the supervision of the scientific directors, A. Nikolopoulos and R. Volkema. The latter is expected to further enhance the learning procedure and cooperation between the two universities. The students of AUEB have showed a great interest in this simulation. More than 100 students, divided in 32 teams are participating in these cross-cultural negotiations.

Besides the obvious benefits for our students in developing their negotiating skills, entrepreneurial and communication capabilities, there are expected many scientific outcomes. The whole procedure will be performed solely through the use of email. This innovative procedure gives full access to the negotiation proceedings and enables the Laboratory to extract valuable scientific knowledge.

AUEB's Laboratory objective of is to extend this annual international collaboration by welcoming the participation of other countries as well.