Scholarship and Awards

AUEB supports an extensive programme of scholarships for students, especially postgraduate students, and also provides financial support to students in return for their provision of various services that help to cover the needs of the University. AUEB provides support for scholarships using its own resources; at the same time it makes efforts to obtain additional resources from other sources, bequests and so on.

Moreover it participates in the scholarships offered by the State Scholarships Foundation. The Secretariats of the University Departments issue an announcement with the names of the candidates for State Scholarships and the deadlines within which the candidates must submit all necessary documents.

For the financial management of the scholarships as a whole, the University applies the same rules, proportionally, as those that are used by the State Scholarships Foundation. The resources for scholarships that are found by and whose allocation is at the discretion of the University are distributed among the Departments and/or the Postgraduate Programmes by decision of the Rector’s Council.

At present, the following Scholarship Foundations operate at the University:

  • The “George Chalkiopoulos Foundation”, which awards scholarships based on candidates’ academic performance and financial situation. In October of every academic year, the Foundation announces the monetary amount to be distributed through scholarships, as well as the procedures and deadline for application by interested parties.
  • The charitable “Foundation for European Studies - Eleftherios Venizelos”, which was set up by professors at Athens University of Economics and Business and at the University of Athens, as well as other noted individuals in the arts and letters. It was approved by a Presidential Decree on 14 June 1996 and comprises a legal entity under Greek civil law.

The purpose of the Foundation is to promote education, research and information about European issues. In order to attain this goal, it awards scholarships to students in the Department of International and European Economic Studies, and organizes seminars, conferences and lectures on European topics. Information is available through the European Documentation Center.

Scholarships and other awards are also given by various foundations, organizations, corporations and private individuals. Relevant information can be obtained from the Department of Student Affairs in the Directorate of Education.


Scholarships from Foundations and private individuals that relate to specific Departments and/or to special categories of students are awarded following procedures that are established by the regulations of the Foundations which are awarding the scholarships and by the decisions of the General Meetings of the relevant Departments, or by the University Senate if the scholarships being awarded relate to students of the University as a whole.

Money can be collected to fund educational or research activities, contingent upon approval of the relevant Department’s General Meeting or the University Senate.

Last updated: 8 March 2019