RUR World University Ranking / RUR World University Ranking by Subject

The ranking compares 930 leading universities from 80 countries according to 20 indicators spanning four areas: teaching, research, international diversity, and financial sustainability. The evaluation criteria are:


Teaching (40%)

  1. Academic staff per students (8%)

  2. Academic staff per bachelor degrees awarded (8%)

  3. Doctoral degrees awarded per academic staff (8%)

  4.  Doctoral degrees awarded per bachelor degrees awarded (8%)

  5.  World teaching reputation (8%)


Research (40%)

  1. Citations per academic and research staff (8%)

  2. Doctoral degrees per admitted PhD (8%)

  3. Normalized citation impact (8%): The average number of citations per University publication compared to the global citation average per publication

  4. Papers per academic and research staff (8%)

  5. World research reputation (8%)


International Diversity (10%)

  1. Share of international academic staff (2%)

  2. Share of international students (2%)

  3. Share of international co-authored papers (2%)

  4. Reputation outside region (2%)

  5. International level (2%): This indicator shows the overall level of institution internationalization and the average for indicators 11-14.


Financial Sustainability (10%)

  1. Institutional income per academic staff (2%)

  2. Institutional income per students (2%)

  3. Papers per research income (2%)

  4. Research income per academic and research staff (2%)

  5. Research income per institutional income (2%)


RUR Reputation World University Rankings

Notoriety, the name of an institution and its logo define to a large extent a University’s attractiveness to students and teaching / research staff. RUR Reputation ranking is based on two indicators, which are taken from the Overall Ranking methodology:

  • Teaching Reputation (50%)

  • Research Reputation (50%)

The RUR Reputation ranking is entirely based on a special questionnaire-based research carried out annually by Thomson Reuters.


RUR Academic World University Rankings

RUR Academic World University Rankings is designed to evaluate productivity of research conducted in universities. The ranking criteria are:

  1. Normalized citation impact

  2. Citation per papers

  3. Papers per academic and research staff

  4. International research reputation: Questionnaire-based evaluation by the international academic community.

  5. Share of research publications written in international co-authorship: Percentage of research publications written in international co-authorship.

For more information about the Round University Ranking, click here.

Last updated: 27 April 2018