ODYSSEUS 2012 - the 5<small>th</small> International Workshop on Freight Transportation and Logistics organized by Operations Research and Decision Systems Research Unit (MSL), Dept of Management Science and Technology (May 21-25, 2012)



5th International Workshop on Freight Transportation and Logistics
May 21-25, 2012, Mykonos, Greece

The ODYSSEUS workshops have constituted the highest caliber scientific meetings of academic researchers in the field of Logistics and Freight Transportation. This year's edition (May 21-25, 2012, Mykonos, Greece) is organized by the Athens University of Economics and Business. The selection of the final scientific program has been advised by a 60-member Scientific Committee that consists of professors from renowned universities and research centres such as Princeton University, Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT, CIRRELT, Northwestern University, GERAD, University of Maryland, and McGill University among others.

ODYSSEUS 2012 has enjoyed an enthusiastic reception from the Freight Transportation and Logistics community, as evidenced by the very large number of paper submissions. Finally, a total of 142 presentations were accepted and scheduled over 47 sessions. In general terms, ODYSSEUS 2012 features sessions on various facets of Routing (e.g., Vehicle Routing, Arc Routing, Inventory Routing, Location-Routing, Dynamic Routing, Stochastic Routing), sessions addressing aspects in Logistics (e.g., Supply Chain Logistics, Emergency Logistics, Packing Logistics, Humanitarian Logistics), sessions on Transportation Networks (e.g., Freight Transportation Networks, Network Design and Planning), as well as several sessions of more specialized interest (e.g., Transportation Risk, Production–Distribution).

You can download the Workshop Program from the following link:

Additional information may be found in the ODYSSEUS 2012 website (http://odysseus2012.dmst.aueb.gr) or contact directly Christos Tarantilis, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Science and Technology, who is the Chair of the Workshop (tarantil@aueb.gr, +30 210-8203805).