Network Operation Center

The Network Operations Center (NOC) of the Athens University of Economics and Business is responsible for supervising and managing the data and voice network, standardizing and documenting its processes, continuously monitoring the University’s computing and telecommunication requirements and supporting the users of the data and voice network. The NOC is a cutting-edge technological unit with specialized staff that provides both basic administrative services and advanced telematics services.

In particular, the core activities of the NOC include:

  • Operation and support of the data and voice network
  • Installation and management of telecommunication equipment and cable infrastructure
  • Installation, management and maintenance of the telephone network and data network services
  • The management and maintenance of the University's central wireless networks (WiFi)
  • The management and maintenance of the University's central VPN service
  • The management and maintenance of the University's authentication service (radius)
  • The development and support of core network services such as:

    • email (POP and IMAP protocols) and WebMail
    • the institution's central web site
    • naming service (DNS)
    • directory services
    • videoconferencing services
    • asynchronous tele-learning services
    • Internet broadcasting services
  • Technical support for users of the data and voice networks
  • Participation in research and development projects in collaboration with other institutions in the Greek and European research area
  • Management on behalf of AUEB of inter-institutional services developed by the Greek National Research and Technology Network (GRNET) and by the Greek Universities Network (GUNet).


The University is connected with the GRNET network through fiber optics, while the connection of the peripheral buildings to the main building is achieved either through a proprietary fiber optic network or via wireless links. In all buildings there is a vertical fiber optic network and a horizontal gigabit Ethernet network.



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Last updated: 2 April 2019