Executive Training

The University offers extensive additional training to the students of the University, as well as extensive executive training programs. These courses are mostly offered by the Executive Training Center (KEK) of AUEB.

AUEB is a leader in executive training. A large number of executive seminars are offered, either in-house to companies, or open. Examples of these programs include: 

  1. Entrepreneurship

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Developing and Managing the Family Business

Doing Business in the Balkans and Black Sea Region

  1. Organizational Behaviour & Change

Managing Change

Developing Leadership

  1. Financial Management

Financial Engineering Seminars

Mergers & Acquisitions

Managing Risk

Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management

  1. E-Business

E-Business, E-Procurement


A number of non-degree courses are offered to the students who are interested to expand their knowledge and skills. These include foreign language courses and courses on computer skills. Examples of these courses are: 

  • Foreign Language: English (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: French (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: German (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: Italian (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: Spanish (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: Chinese (various levels)
  • Foreign Language: Russian
  • Greek as a Foreign Language (offered to foreign students)
  • ECDL certificate 
  • Microsoft developer certificate