Executive ΜΒΑ students compete in the global Business Strategy Game and excel

As part of the Strategy course taught by Professor Vassilis Papadakis, AUEB Executive MBA students are offered the chance to test the knowledge and skills acquired in various courses, by participating in the Βusiness Strategy Game, the most popular strategy game globally.

Students are divided into groups. Each group undertakes the management of a simulated company. Teams compete for a series of years and a final winner emerges. In December 2020 the winner among the Executive MBA teams was a company named Centrum.

The winning team (renamed as K Company) was invited in Spring 2021 to participate in an international competition, where they had to compete against 13 other winning teams from various Universities and Business schools from all over the world. K Company managers Petros Kormpakis, Theodore Papadogeorgopoulos and Irini Radoglou-Grammatiki once more, excelled in the competition.

Congratulations to the winners!


Last updated: 1 April 2021