E-learning Room

The e-learning room of the Athens University of Economics and Business (A41) is one of the first three e-learning rooms created in Greek Universities in the late 1990s. Its creation was part of a pilot project to create a virtual e-learning room composed of three interconnected rooms (one at AUEB, one at the NTUA and one at the UoA) that could function as a single area for eLearning.

The e-learning room contains advanced infrastructure for tele-education, as well as for multimedia classes or presentations. This room has dedicated networking and audiovisual equipment to enable e-learning in collaboration with corresponding remote locations.
The equipment in the room includes:
• A desktop PC with an internet connection from which any electronic materials can be displayed. It is possible to use the personal computer of the speaker (laptop) instead of the desktop computer, if this is desirable.
• Two high-bandwidth videoconferencing systems for bidirectional communication with remote rooms with suitable cameras, microphones, and speakers.
• Two screens where the trainer or trainees of the remote room (on one screen) and the instructor's training material (on the other screen) are shown. The presence of two screens permits the implementation of various alternative scenarios according to the needs of each course.
• A visualiser, which allows the transmission of non-electronic educational material (objects, printed material, slides, etc.) as images to distant learners.
• Video and audio mixing consoles for video and audio signal management.
• Matrix switches for the input and output signals related to video, audio and computer signals and teleconferencing systems. These allow managing the signals displayed on the monitors, the audio and video sent to distant locations, etc.

Those interested in booking A41 can visit the website for the eLearning room.

Last updated: 8 March 2019