AUEB's first dual degree program agreement with the University of Pavia (Italy)


Athens, December 29, 2020




Agreement for the Provision of a Double Master’s Degree by the Department of Statistics of the Athens  University of Economics and Business, and the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pavia 


The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEBin the context of international cooperation, and adhering to its strategic internationalization plans, proceeded to its first dual degree program agreement with the University of Pavia (Italy). 

The University of Pavia was founded in 1361 and is one of the oldest Universities in the world. The Department of Economics and Management (DEM) of the University of Pavia has already contracted with Universities in Europe and around the world to create 20 dual degree programs. 

More specifically, full-time students from AUEB’s Department of Statistics MSc in Statistics program will have the opportunity to also complete the postgraduate program Laurea Magistrale in Economics, Finance and International Integration (MEFI - Finance stream) at the University of Pavia. The mobility of students will also be funded by the ERASMUS + program. Similarly, postgraduate MEFI students from the University of Pavia will also be able to attend the full-time MSc in Statistics program at AUEB. 

Double degree programs are pioneeringcomprehensive study programs organized between two University institutions in different countries. These programs provide for a mandatory mobility period of one yea, during which participating students attend courses for one year in each University.  

In specific the double degree program agreement between AUEB and the University of Pavia includes: 

  • Transfer of full-time postgraduate students from the MSc in Statistics program of the Athens University of Economics and Business to the postgraduate MEFI program offered by the University of Pavia. 
  • Transfer of students and graduates of the postgraduate MEFI of Pavia to the postgraduate STATISTICS of the Athens University of Economics and Business. 
  • of student travel via ERASMUS +
  • Waiving of tuition for AUEB students at the University of Pavia. 
  • Joint dissertations between the two Departments. This action will promote cooperation betweeninstructors and researchers at a fundamental research level. 

The agreement was signed by the Rector of the Athens University of Economics and Business, Professor Dimitris Bourantonis on Wednesday, December 9, 2020. 

The President of the AUEB Department of Statistics, Professor Ioannis Ntzoufras, referring to the event noted: "This pioneering agreement paves the way for additional collaborations and the internationalization of the Department of Statistics at AUEB, while at the same time confirming the high quality of teaching and research of the Department. 

The Vice Rector of International Cooperation and Development of AUEB Professor Vassilis Papadakis, referring to the agreement, noted that: “This agreement is the starting point for a new era where AUEB’s strategic goal is to strengthen its international presence and recognition, and the fundamental internationalization of study programs through strategic partnerships with internationally renowned Universities from abroad". 

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Last updated: 30 December 2020