The AUEB Sports Analytics group organizes the 3rd Sports Analytics Workshop (SAW 2018) (November 26th – 27th, 2018)



The research group AUEB Sports Analytics Group of the Computational and Bayesian Statistics Lab, Department of Statistics, Athens University of Economics and Business was founded with aim to implement high level quantitative analysis in Sports both in academic and professional level.

The AUEB Sports Analytics group announces the 3rd Sports Analytics Workshop (SAW 2018) in 26 & 27 of November 2018 in the amphitheater of Antoniadou wing at Athens University of Economics and Business.


Invited speakers for this year:

-        Paola Zuccolotto, University of Brescia, ITA (Basketball Data Science)
-        Leonardo Egidi, University of Trieste, ΙΤΑ (Hierarchical Models in Football)
-        Stefan Kesenne, Emeritus Prof. of Sport Economics at the University of Antwerp and University of Leuven

-  Competitive imbalance, transfer market and youth training
-  Free-entry football market and the number of professional teams.

-        Ioannis Papadopoulos, Fanbeat, FRA (Creating value from data generated by football fans using a mobile app)

Keynote talks will be also given by the AUEB group & external contributors:

-        Dimitris Karlis, AUEB, GRE (In Game Performance)
-        Ioannis Ntzoufras, AUEB, GRE (Football Analytics)
-        Panos Repoussis, AUEB, GRE (Sports Scheduling)
-        Eugenia Tsoumaka,  American College of Greece, GRE (Marketing of Celebrity Athletes)
-        Manisera Marica, University of Brescia, ITA (High Pressure Performance Big-Data Analytics)

Special session with talks on the implementation in sports and specific case studies will be also presented by

-        Vasilios Manasis, Ph.D., Research Associate, AUEB (Competitive Balance in Football)
-        Sotirios Drikos, Ph.D., ex Head Coach of the Volleyball Greek National Team (Volleyball Performance Analysis)

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Short Course on Sports Economics

We also announce the short course on Sports Economics which will offered by Professor Stefan Kesenne, worldwide expert in the field. Professor Kesenne will introduce the basic ideas and foundations in the field and will also discuss the recent advances in the Economics of Sports.

Details about the short course are available here:



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