The AUEB Research Center

AUEB's Research Center was established in 1983. It aims at providing the institutional framework which facilitates and supports the research carried out by Faculty members, in the general fields of economics, management and computing.

Research at the Center is carried out mainly by members of the academic staff of the University. Visiting scholars and short-term appointees may also engage in research activities. All research is undertaken with a view towards eventual publication in scholarly journals, discussion papers and monographs.

Administration and Finance

The Research Center is a non-profit organisation governed by an executive board formed exclusively by Faculty members of the University. One of the Vice-Rectors is appointed by the Senate as its Chairman, while each Department appoints two members to the Board.

The research activities of the Center are funded in two main ways: First, through various research grants from the European Commission, Greek Government Agencies and other public and private organizations. Second, through the overhead fee that the Centre collects from the various graduate and executive training activities.

The Center accepts funds on the understanding that the sponsors or donors will not interfere in the development or the outcome of the research they finance.

Seminars, Research Workshops and Conferences

Regular training and executive seminars are organised by the Center, addressed to managers in the public and private sectors of the Greek economy. Many of the Center's seminars are subsidised by the European Social Fund (ESF).

Regular research workshops attended by faculty, doctoral students, and invited specialists from universities, government agencies, international organisations and private industry, are held at the Center. During these workshops, progress reports of research projects under way, as well as completed research work, are presented and discussed.

In addition, the Center assists the University in providing organisational support for national and international conferences. Many national and international conferences have been organised in the last decade. Example of such events organised by the Center include the Annual Conference of the International Institute of Public Finance, the Annual Conference of the European Marketing Academy, the International Conference of the Decision Sciences Institute, the International Conference of the European Finance Association, the World Congress of the International Economic Association, the Annual Competition and Regulation Summer School and Conference (CRESSE), and many others.


The Research Center is located at 46, Kefallinias Street and includes administration offices, meeting rooms, lecture rooms and computer labs. It is fully networked and has a high - speed connection with the University.

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Last updated: 1 April 2019