AUEB Property Management & Development S.A.

The Athens University of Economics and Business Property Management & Development S.A. was established in 1993 by decision of the University Senate. It comprises a legal entity under Greek civil law and its share capital belongs entirely to the University. The purpose of the Company is to effectively utilize and manage both the movable and the immovable assets of the University.

The actions carried out by the Company include many types of activities aimed at acquiring the means and resources to enhance the educational and research processes and the overall development of Athens University of Economics and Business. The Board of Directors of the Company believes that such development of the University can be achieved not only by increasing its assets but also by widely promoting the intellectual “property” developed within the framework of the Company’s operation and disseminating it outside the University.

The Board of Directors has included initiatives that connect the University with the social environment and with production within the Company’s direct actions. These initiatives include, among other things, the following:

  • Acquiring autonomy over the Company’s assets,
  • Αwarding scholarships and prizes to students,
  • Τhe ability to offer educational, social and research services,
  • Conducting paid research,
  • Providing consultancy services, and
  • Promotion by the Company – on the University's behalf – of the University’s expertise in the disciplines it covers.

At the same time, the Company has the ability to allow certain amphitheaters and other University facilities to be used by third parties, for a fee, for the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars, cultural events and so forth, provided that these events do not interfere with the University’s teaching and research activities.

The AUEB Property Management & Development S.A. has also extended its activities to university publishing. This initiative was enthusiastically received by the professors at the University, many of whom have entrusted the Company with the publication and promotion of their textbooks. Future plans include the operation of a university bookstore with special prices for students. For the present, retail sales take place in the Company’s offices.


President: Professor Dimitris Bourantonis, Rector

Chief Executive Officer: Professor Vlasis Stathakopoulos


Person in charge:

Point of Sale: Patission 80

Tel.: +30 210 8203 726, 210 8203 724, 210 8203 818

Fax: - 



Hours of operation: Daily, 9:00-16:00

Last updated: 22 September 2020