An article by members of the Mobile Multimedia Laboratory (MMlab) at AUEB is among the 21 articles from Greece published during the 2011-2018 period with more than 400 citations

According to a study from Stanford University professor John P.A. Ioannides, published in the “Kathimerini” newspaper, the article by Mobile Multimedia Laboratory (MMlab) members Asoc. Professor G. Xylomenos, Dr. C.N. Ververidis, Assoc. Prof. V.A. Siris, Dr N. Fotiou, Dr. C. Tsilopoulos, Dr. X. Vasilakos, Dr. K.V. Katsaros and Prof. G.C. Polyzos, titled “A Survey of Information-Centric Networking Research,” which was published in IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials in 2014, is among the 21 articles from Greece (that is, articles with at least on author working in Greece and a Greek first author) in the 2011-2018 period with more 400 citations. This article was came out of MMLAB’s participation in the H2020  PURSUIT project, which received the Future Internet Assembly award in 2013.


Most cited publications of Greek interest in the 2011-2018 period


Last updated: 13 December 2018