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Personalised FT newsfeed, MyFT - Save time by scanning all the latest stories on topics you follow (e.g. company, industry, region, columnist) in one place

Instant alerts - best way to get alerted as soon as an article has been published on any topic or author you’ve added to myFT

How to share articles with subscribers and non-subscribers

How to create and share reading lists Easy way for professors to share reading material with their students, by embedding, for example, the link to the reading list/s into your learning platform

Replica of the newspaper (Epaper) - with a revamped look, to view and read a digital replica of the printed newspaper with offline access and a 30-day archive

FT apps - to read the FT on the go by downloading our Apps for Android and Apple devices

Markets Data - to track, analyse and monitor investments using the charting tools to help stay on top of market movements and spot opportunities

How to create portfolios and watchlists - to track the performance of holdings, view relevant news stories and key fundamentals to related portfolios

Our newsletters and email briefings - which provide further insight and analysis on emerging trends, opportunities and risks affecting specific industries. We recommend the Business Education one, contains management insights, reading recommendations and even business-related challenges to keep students and professors ahead of the game

Business School Insider - to find out here what is being taught in MBA programmes, why it matters and how it relates to the business world now and in the future

Special Reports - up to 14 special reports per month offering deep-dive on trends and events impacting different industries and regions

Videos and Audio Articles - which can be added to the MyFT feed and are ideal for listening to

Advanced search - to do a search of combined topics (e.g. Economy AND Greece, etc)