Spanos Ioannis

Department of Management Science & Technology
Office Address: 12, Codringtonos Str., 4th Floor
Phone: +30 210 - 8203 561

Yiannis E. Spanos and is an Associate Professor of Strategic Management at the Department of Management Science and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business, the oldest and most respected institution of economic and business education in Greece. Yiannis has received his Ph.D from the same University in 1997. His thesis was on the effects of strategy and resources and capabilities on the performance of Greek manufacturing firms. Dr Spanos teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in management, strategic management, and organizational change and innovation. He is currently working to finalize a book (already available as Lecture Notes - in Greek) entitled “Transformation & Innovation”, which is foreseen to be published in Fall 2005. Dr Spanos has published papers in Strategic Management Journal, Information & Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, and European Management Journal, among others. He has reviewed papers for the Journal of Management Studies, International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, and the Cahiers du Management Technologique. He is also a member of the Editorial Board of Organization Studies and International Journal of Business Environment.

Dr Spanos' research interests revolve around innovation, strategy, and organizational change. In his published work he has addressed questions such as those regarding the role of dynamic capabilities on innovation, the sources of competitive advantage, the impact of firm vis a vis industry effects on profitability, and the effects of innovation adoption (i.e. adoption of IT systems) on management praxis. His research has been mainly, but not exclusively, empirical, employing advanced statistical techniques. Parallel to his teaching and research activities Dr Spanos has and still is actively involved as a senior researcher in a considerable number of large-scale research projects in areas related to his academic interests (e.g., technology foresight and the prospects for innovation in Greece, benchmarking of manufacturing performance of the European textile industries, innovation adoption in textile firms, etc.), many of which have been financed by the EU. He also serves as a scientific advisor to the Hellenic Innovation Relay Center since 1997. His duties there concern the development of methodologies for assisting Greek SMEs in the management of innovation and technology transfer.

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