Department of Marketing and Communication

Kostas Kaminakis holds a Ph.D in Marketing from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) as well as a degree in Accounting and Finance and a M.Sc in Marketing and Communication from the same institution. He is an Assistant Professor (Department of Marketing and Communication, AUEB) with extensive teaching experience in many Universities such as the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA), the Greek Open University (EAP) and others, in graduate and post-graduate level. He teaches Marketing, mainly Marketing Research, Quantitative Marketing Research, Services Marketing and Digital Marketing. He also has experience as a Scientific Collaborator in University level, Employee Teaching experience, as well as extensive working experience in the Rrivate sector.

His research work has been presented in multiple international Marketing Conferences and has been published in Academic journals such as: Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Business Research, Tourism Management, Industrial Marketing Management,  Tourism Management Perspectives, Marketing Intelligence and Planning, International Journal of Business Performance Management and others. He has been reviewer in international conferences and journals and is member of academic associations such as the Greek Marketing Academy, the European Marketing Academy, theAmerican Marketing Association, the Academy of Marketing Science and others.

Recent publications:

  • Boukis, A., Khanyapuss, P., Balmer, J., Kaminakis, K., Papastathopoulos, A. (2021) “Unveiling frontline employees' brand construal types during corporate brand promise delivery: A multi-study analysis”, Journal of Business Research.
  • Papastathopoulos, A., Kaminakis, K., & Mertzanis, C. (2020) “What services do Muslim tourists want? Uncovering nonlinear relationships and unobserved heterogeneity”, Tourism Management Perspectives, 35.
  • Kottika, E., Özsomer, A., Rydén, P., Theodorakis, I. G., Kaminakis, K., Kottikas, K. G., & Stathakopoulos, V. (2020) “We survived this! What managers could learn from SMEs who successfully navigated the Greek economic crisis”, Industrial Marketing Management, 88, 352-365.
  • Papastathopoulos, A., Zamberi, A. S., Al Sabri, N., Kaminakis, K. (2019) “Demographic Analysis of Residents’ Support for Tourism Development in the UAE: A Bayesian Structural Equation Modeling Multigroup Approach”, Journal of Travel Research.
  • Kaminakis, K., Karantinou, K., Koritos, C., Gounaris, S. (2019) “Hospitality Servicescape Effects on customer-employee interactions: A multilevel study”, Tourism Management, 72, 130-144.
  • Boukis, A., Kaminakis, K., Siampos, A., Kostopoulos, I. (2015) “Linking internal marketing with customer outcomes”, Marketing Intelligence and Planning.
  • Lodorfos, G., Kostopoulos, K., Kaminakis, K., Rudawska, E. (2015) “The Impact of Service Delivery System Effectiveness on Service Quality: A Hierarchical Approach”, International Journal of Business Performance Management.



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Last updated: 6 September 2022


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