Alphabetical Listing of University Staff

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Fantaki Elia Administrative Faculty (Μονάδα Υποστήριξης Φοιτητών/τριών ΟΠΑ ) Foreign Student Support and Modility Office 8203 270
Filiou Anastasia Laboratorial Teaching Staff Masters of Management Science & Technology, Department of Accounting and Finance
Filippopoulou Victoria Administrative Faculty (Αν. Προϊσταμένη Γραμματείας) Secretariat of the Department of Management Science and Technology 8203 129
Flytzanis Ilias Professor Emeritus (Γραφείο Ομότιμων Καθηγητών ) Department of Informatics 8203 740
Foustoukou Evgenia Assistant Professor Department of Informatics 8203 577
Frangos Nikolaos Recently Retired Department of Statistics 8203 579