Doukidis Georgios

Department of Management Science and Technology
On sabbatical leave
Office Address: 47A, Evelpidon Str. & 33, Lefkados Str., 9th Floor, Office 910
Phone: +30 210 - 8203 685, +30 210-8203 654

He has a B.Sc. in Mathematics, University of Thessaloniki (1980), an M.Sc. in Operational Research, London School of Economics (1981), and a Ph.D. in Simulation/Artificial Intelligence, London School of Economics - LSE (1985). In the period 1981-1991 he worked at LSE as Teaching Assistant in Operational Research, Lecturer in Computing and Academic Visitor in Information Systems. Currently he is Professor in the Department of Management Science and Technology at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB). He was Visiting Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Computing at Brunel University in UK (1996-2004) and he also taught at London Business School. He teaches and researches in the areas of Management and Strategy of Information Systems, Electronic Commerce, Innovation and Business Development, Decision Support Systems.

He has an extensive 25 years experience with R&D in Information and he has supervised successfully 13 PhD students in UK and Greece. He is initiator and director of ELTRUN (ELectronic Trading Research UNit: at AUEB and has collaborated with more than 50 research groups worldwide in R&D projects. He has successfully managed more than 50 R&D projects financed by the European Commission (in programs such as IST, ESPRIT, Tellematics for Administration etc), the Greek Government and private organizations.

He has published or edited 15 books including:

  • Decision Making: Recent Developments and Worldwide Applications (Applied Optimization, Volume 45) (with St. H. Zanakis C. Zopounidis Eds), Springer; (2000).
  • Social and Economic Transformation in the Digital Era (with N. Mylonopoulos, N. Pouloudi Eds), IGI Global, (2003).
  • Consumer Driven Electronic Transformation: Applying New Technologies to Enthuse Consumers and Transform the Supply Chain (with A.P. Vrechopoulos Eds), Springer; (2005).
  • Interactive Digital Television: Technologies and Applications (with G. Lekakos, K. Chorianopoulos Eds), IGI Global, (2007).

He has published over 120 scientific papers in Journals such as: The Journal of Retailing, The European Journal of Information Systems, The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, The Journal of the Operational Research Society, The Journal of Decision Support Systems, The International Journal of Electronic Commerce, Industrial Management and Data Systems, Journal of Information Technology, International Journal of Education and Computing, The European Journal of Operational Research, The Journal of Expert Systems with Applications, The Journal of Knowledge-Based Systems, The International Transactions in Operational Research, OMEGA, etc. and in the Proceedings of International Scientific Conferences.

He is member of the Editorial Board in the following International Scientific Journals: "Journal of Strategic Information Systems", "Journal of Decision Systems", "International Journal of Electronic Markets", "Business Process Management Journal", "Information Systems and eBusiness Management Journal", "International Journal of Mobile Communication". He has also acted 7 times as Guest editor in the following Journals: "Journal of the O.R. Society" (1990, twice), "European Journal of Information Systems" (1993), "International Journal of Electronic Commerce" (1999), "Journal of Information Technology" (1999), International Journal of Electronic Commerce (2003), "Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (2007)"

In 2009 he received the "European Case Award" from ECCH in the category of "Knowledge, Information and Communication Systems Management".

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Last updated: 19 January 2021


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