1st HRM AUEB Business Days

The new initiative for the students of our programme entitled "1st HRM_AUEB Business Days" was successfully completed. It was a series of lectures, which were held in the period 27-30 March (18.00-21.00) at the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of AUEB (46 Kefallinias, Kipseli) by market executives, both of HRM professionals as well as from other areas in order to bring students closer to the business (eg marketing/sales, e-business, finance, strategy and HR of course). The series of lectures also included a CEOs panel of large companies.

Many thanks to the participating companies and sour guests-speakers, Messrs Thomas Giannoutsos - Creta Farms Greece, Nancy Malleros - Life Clinic Group, Peggy Velliotou - KPMG, Panayotis Gezerlis - Convert Group, Iro Melliou, Alice Heartburn - Vodafone Greece, Giannis Aretakis - Novartis Hellas, and especially their CEOs Messrs Alexandros Angelopoulos - Aldemar Resorts, Marika Lambrou - KAFKAS Electrical equipment and lighting and Aristotle Panteliadis - My Market.