Hellenic Economic Library Network

In 2012, the Library of the Athens University of Economics and Business, in cooperation with economic libraries of other universities, banking institutions, research centers and governmental bodies, created a collaborative library network with the title H.E.LI.N. (Hellenic Economic Library Network).

The mission of H.E.LI.N is the collaboration and cooperation of its library-members for the exchange of services and resources related to collections and material about economics, in order to provide efficient high-quality services to their communities.

Members of Hellenic Economic Library Network (H.E.LI.N.):

  • Alpha Bank
  • National Bank of Greece
  • Centre of Planning and Economic Research
  • Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Piraeus University
  • The Cultural Foundation of the Piraeus Bank Group
  • Bank of Greece
  • Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Transport and Networks
  • Charokopio University


URL: http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/
E-mail: diovi.libraries@gmail.com
Facebook: ΔΙΟΒΙ
Twitter: @diovi_helin