Modern Digital Services - AUEB Library

The AEUB Library has forged a new strategy with the project "AUEB Library Modern Digital Services" which was completed in 2015. The purpose of this initiative is to strengthen and to support its service and to implement innovative actions using new technology. The completion of the project will achieve the following:

  • Improve and upgrade its educational processes by enhancing equal access to rich digitalized research and education material.
  • Disseminate information to the public about the educational and research activities that the University does.
  • File and maintain rich digital content, to support the educational process and to promote our cultural heritage.
  • Exploit technology to facilitate and strengthen access for all members of the academic community to the printed material of the Greek Academic libraries.
  • Improve the daily work of the library staff, increasing their productivity and allowing them to spend their time on more substantive actions that support the educational work in the university.


In order to achieve the above, set of services was developed. Some of the more important are:


Academic Coordinator of the Project
Panos Konstantopoulos
Professor and Dean of the School of Information Sciences and Technology of the Athens University of Economics and Business