Electronic Resources

Utilizing e-resources

The AUEB Library and Center of Information has a large number of institutional subscriptions to electronic journals, books, and databases from reputable publishing houses and scientific organizations. The Library also provides access to consortium subscriptions to e-journals and e-books which are available to the academic community through , the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL-Link). Additionally, it supports access to selected open-access academic content such as electronic scientific journals and open-access books and organizations' websites. If you are just beginning your research, we suggest that you begin by searching for online content that is available in the Library for the members of the AUEB academic community, using the EBSCO Discovery Service (user id and password are required for remote access outside the premises of the University).

IMPORTANT NOTE: For subscribed electronic resources, access is available to all on the AUEB premises, using the computers that are connected to the University's network, with IP address control. For remote access to subscription sources (outside of the University premises) or for access via a Wi-Fi connection, user authentication is required; therefore you must have an institutional id and password. This means that members of the AUEB academic community can access subscription electronic sources through computers that are connected to the University network. Remote users can also access electronic subscribed resources using VPN service for institutional access .

CAUTION: Avoid using special characters (# $ () = {}:; \ "'| |, <>) when creating the institutional password because it is observed difficulty in accessing the VPN service if your password contains special characters. You can modify your password here (of course the password changes for other services as well).

If you belong to the AUEB academic community but do not have an AUEB user id and password, please learn how to acquire them by reading the section "Passwords, Authentication and Remote Access", below. Please also read and learn about our policy for using e-resources in order to comply with the rules. The use of subscription content is allowed only to those users who observe the terms and conditions of user permits. It is forbidden to systematically download the full content of e-books and e-journal issues.

Search EBSCO Discovery Service

User guide for the EBSCO Discovery Service

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Policy for use of e-resources

Please note that those who want to use library's e-resources must comply with  terms and conditions of each publisher. Users of services available from external providers must comply with all rules and codes of conduct that are in effect for those services. Specifically, it is up to the user of the service to check the terms and conditions and comply with them. Users must also adhere to Greek legislation about intellectual property. According to this legislation, it is a serious offense, punished by sanctions, to copy or systematically download all or part of a work that is intellectual property. Please also note that providers are able to monitor systematic copying of a digital work that is intellectual property.

Passwords, authentication & remote access

You will not be able to use certain services such as databases, e-journals and e-books if your computer connects to the Internet via another provider (for example, with a non-student ADSL connection) and not via AUEB network. This is also the case if your computer is in an organization or company or university outside of AUEB. You will need to connect your computer to university's Network through Virtual Private Network (VPN). When you have completed your research, please disconnect from VPN service immediately otherwise you may notice reduced speed in your Internet connection. Please read carefully the instructions for connecting to our Virtual Private Network (VPN).

For VPN access rights, you must be a member of the AUEB academic community and you must have acquire institutional account (user id and password) for web services at AUEB (e-mail, VPN, WiFi, e-Class). If you have not yet acquired institutional account, please contact the Network Center at 210 8203900.

Ask a librarian

The Library and Information Center has a Help Desk which is staffed by trained personnel who can help you with your research and can also provide support for using the Library's collections including e-resources.