InCites Journal Citation Reports

Name: InCites Journal Citation Reports & Essential Science Indicators
(former: Journal Citation Reports (JCR))

The Incites Journal Citation Reports & Essential Science Indicators are 2 sources that are incorporated in the Web of Science platform and provide the ability to evaluate journal titles and articles that are in included in WoS, with the help of bibliometric methods. Specifically:

  • The Journal Citation Reports provides the ability to evaluate and compare scientific journals using the metric ImpactFactor. It includes information for more than 7,500 academic and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in more than 60 counttries. They cover all fields in science, technology and social sciences. You can also find the most prestigious journals by sector using the number of references to the journals.
  • The Essential Science Indicators supports the evaluation of research effectiveness for certain scientific areas, articles, individuals, organizations and educational institutions, using as a criterion the number of referrals to them over the last 10 years.

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Subjects: Technology, Social Sciences, Bibliographic reports
Online resource type: Online database
Provider: Clarivate Analytics
Availability: AUEB Library
Chronological coverage: 1997 to the present
Language: English
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