Library services — Extended working hours

Library services — Extended working hours

We would like to inform you that as of Monday 11 October 2021, admission to the Library and Information Centre of the Athens University of Economics and Business for individual study or lending of printed material, is allowed exclusively to the members of the University (students, teachers, and other staff of each category) in accordance with the health protocols and the instructions of the Association of Academic Libraries (Heal-Link) for safe reopening of libraries. Find out in detail how the Library operates, as described below:

Opening hours: The opening hours of the Library are being restored.
Library-Study Room: Monday — Thursday: 8.30-20.00 & Friday: 8.30-19.30
Library-Journals Department: Monday — Thursday: 8.30-15.00 & Friday: 8.30-14.30

Entry conditions: A prerequisite for entering and staying in the Library is the membership of the Athens University of Economics and Business and the demonstration of a COVID-19 vaccination certificate (you must have completed at least fourteen days of vaccination) or a valid COVID-19 disease certificate or a 48-hour COVID-19 negative diagnostic test certificate (not self-test). It will be carried out at the entrance of the library, an identification check with the academic identity.

Use of the Reading Room: The Reading Room works exclusively for individual study. Users must comply with the use of protective mask throughout their stay in the library. Seats must not be removed. It is recommended to use a hand antiseptic after entering or an individual antiseptic during your stay. It is also recommended to clean your table before use with a chloride solution found at the entrance of the Reading Room. Food and beverages other than water are prohibited. Books and magazines from collections used within the library must be placed in the strollers available for this purpose after their use. The staff will undertake to shelve them in accordance with the health protocols.

Maximum number of persons: There are 100 seats available. Access to the Library is not allowed when the available places are filled in and the tour of the library is only allowed for search purposes, avoiding overcrowding in the corridors.

Book borrowing: It is now carried out only in person and exclusively on the automatic borrowing machine by the users themselves. For this reason, the electronic application for borrowing is abolished. No appointment is required.

Book returns: They are made exclusively on the automatic borrowing machine by the users themselves. No appointment is required.

Book renewals: They are made online via the “My Library Account” service, or by telephone (210-8203265 and 210 8203535), or by e-mail at

Inter-Library Loan: It is carried out electronically upon request to The staff will serve in person requests for borrowing printed material from other academic libraries upon appointment.

Returns of EVDOXOS textbooks: Users can return EVDOXOS textbooks at the entrance of the Library. No appointment is required.

Registration of new members: Pre-registration is made electronically after completing the application form. Initially, lending rights are limited and will be fully activated after displaying academic identity card on the day of arrival for borrowing purposes.

Library Certificates for completion of studies: They are sent only electronically upon request to It is necessary to record the name, the Department of Studies and the Register number. The certificate shall be sent directly by the Library to the Secretariat of the Department.

Information service: The information service continues to be provided exclusively through the online services Ask us (24/7), Online assistance from the Libraryevery Monday — Wednesday — Friday, 12.00-14.00, by telephone during the opening days and hours, by e-mail at for borrowing issues, and at for general enquiries.

Technical equipment: Free access to public PCs, copiers and printers for all users entering the Library. It is recommended to apply antiseptic solution in the hands before and after the use of equipment.

Donations: For any book donation it is necessary to fill in the application form in accordance with the Library’s donation policy. The Library will contact you to inform you about acceptance or rejection of your application.

Compliance with staff recommendations, careful use of library premises, material, and equipment is required.
All of the above may be modified depending on the epidemiological conditions and the availability of staff.
Follow the announcements on Library’s website for possible changes in operation.

For any questions or clarifications, please contact:

• Telephone numbers: 210-8203265, 210-8203535, 210-8203259

• For general questions: Service Ask us or by e-mail