Digitalization of the Collections

The selection of printed material from the library to be digitalized was based on two criteria - its scientific and historical value and the rarity of the material. Of course, the process also took into account the natural wear and tear of time on the material. Half a million pages were digitalized using international digitalization standards, and at the same time, the archived material of the university was rescued and preserved.

The printed collections that were digitalized are mainly educational, rare and valuable material which include the following:

  • Theses & Doctoral Dissertations
    The diploma theses and the doctoral dissertations are considered to be pioneering because they include specialized scientific knowledge and consequently, they contribute to the both the creation and the transmission of the knowledge and skills that are necessary for modern society's informational needs. These theses and dissertations have an interdisciplinary structure and therefore may refer to research on the Greek economy. Thus, they promote both the research and scientific work of the University.
  • Old Textbooks 
    The editions of the old textbooks which date from the establishment of the School up until 1950 are the precursors of today's textbooks. These old textbooks are important because they are papers and articles written by the first professors of the Athens School of Economics and Business, and mark the legacy of economic thought in Greece. Indicative of the names of permanent and visiting professors during that period, whose textbooks are in the AUEB library include Professors Kallitsounakis, Anastasiadis, Christodoulakis, Sideris, Fourkiotis, Miliotis, and others.
  • Rare Books Collection
    The Rare Books Collection includes old editions from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century. These publications reflect the economic, social, legal and philosophical thought in Greece during the above-mentioned period. The items in this collection are of exception importance not only because they are rare but primarily because they provide important information about the economic history of the country and the developments in its fiscal policies and other topics in the economic life of Greece.
  • Student Guides and General Publications – Yearbooks
    The best way to learn more about the university's history is through the scientific and administration yearbooks, especially those which have survived from the first 50 years of the university's operations. As of 1990, the Athens University of Economics and Business no longer publishes yearbooks and instead publishes Student Guides.
    All the changes that transformed the original School of Business into a dynamic university with and extensive knowledge center are recorded over the last twenty-five years in the student guides and in general publications. Also included are descriptions of the developments that have been incorporated into the curricula of studies, with a special emphasis on the creation of new undergraduate departments, on the development of modern post-graduate studies, and on the promotion of scientific research in the fields that the University cultivates.

The library has secured the right to publish the digitalized documents in order to enrich its Repository.