UN iLibrary

Name: UN iLibrary

The UN’s electronic Library (UN iLibrary) includes full-text content for all the printed publications of the Organization. Up to and including 2016, the database contained 2,950 titles of electronic books, 46,220 book chapters, 2,310 journal articles and 261 monographs.

Subjects: Multi-thematic:
Agriculture, Development, Youth, Governance, Disarmament, Crime, Terrorism, Economics, Social development, Environment, Climate change, Human rights, Refugees, Immigration, Regional issues, Global justice, Global commerce, Natural resources, Water, Energy, Safety, Demographics, Population, Public Works, Women, Gender equality
Online Resource Type: Online full-text database
Provider: United Nations
Availability: United Nations
Chronological coverage: 1947 to the present
Language: English, French
Access Type: Selected open source access (authentication not required). The AUEB Library does not have a subscription that allows users to save or copy the files in database.


Note: The AUEB Library does not have a subscription to this database. Therefore, the files are read-only and it is not possible to save them.