Access to Nature Magazine (1869-2006 & 2015 - present)

Please be advised that shortly before the completion of the renewal procedure of HEAL-Link contract with the Springer Nature publisher for the three-year period 2019-2021,
the publisher has opened access to the current content (2015 - present) of the journal Nature for all members of HEAL-Link.
All members of HEAL-Link have now access to this magazine for the years 1869-2006 and 2015-present.
Access is available to everyone on the AUEB premises, using the computers that are connected to the University's network, with IP address control. For remote access to subscription sources (outside of the University premises) or for access via a Wi-Fi connection, user authentication is required; therefore you must have a user id and password from the University. This means that members of the AUEB academic community can access subscription electronic sources through computers that are connected to the University network. Remote users can also access electronic subscriptions using the University's VPN service. If you belong to the AUEB academic community but do not have an AUEB user id and password, please learn how to acquire them by reading the section "Passwords, Authentication and Remote Access". Please also read and learn about the policy for using the sources in order to comply with the rules. The use of subscription content is allowed only to those users who observe the terms and conditions of user permits.