Operation of the Library and Information Center at AUEB as of 1.6.2020

Operation of the Library and Information Center at AUEB as of 1.6.2020

The Library and Information Center at AUEB has taken the following into consideration to make the announcement below:

  • The circular from the Ministry of the Interior, concerning the physical presence of all employees, as of 1/6/2020, in compliance with the measures for the protection of public health and in the interest of serving the public,
  • The Rector’s Decision (number 2921/29.05.2020) concerning the regulations for the operation of the Administration and Administrative Services at the Athens University of Economics and Business,
  • The Joint Ministerial Decision on the subject of temporary prohibition of educational functions of the Ministry of Education and Religion from 1.6.2020 until the end of the academic year 2019 – 2020 (Government Gazette B 2038/2020),

The Library and Information Center would like to inform the members of the university community that from 1.6.2020, and until further notice, the following measures will be in effect:

  • All the Library Reading Rooms will remain closed to the public.   Within this context, public access to the book stacks, the tables and chairs, and the electronic equipment of the Library (computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners, etc.) is suspended.

  • Communication with the Library will continue as will service to the public.  Both will be done electronically via the service Ask a Librarian and by telephone from 8:30-15:00.

  • The informational seminars that are for AUEB students and which are about the use of Library services and sources, will take place via the Internet platform, Skype for Business, on a specific day and time that will be communicated through the students’ Secretariats.

  • The submission of diplomatic theses in the Institutional Repository PYXIDA will be done exclusively by electronic submission.  The certificate of submission will be sent electronically to the submitters who should then forward the certificates to their Secretariat in order to complete the submission process.

Service from Library staff for printed material circulation requirements

If your request can not be met remotely, especially for issues of borrowing printed material, interlibrary loan, and the return or the receipt of textbooks from the “EVDOXOS” service, then actual assistance of Library staff will be possible by appointment only and exclusively for that particular reason.   Only a short stay at the entrance of the Library is allowed.  Please have your academic identity card with you.  A request for borrowing printed material presupposes that you have registered as a member of the AUEB Library.  In the event that you are not yet a member, you can preregister here. Your registration will be completed when you show your academic identity card on the day you come to the Library for your appointment. 

Your requests to borrow books should be addressed to the email address loan@aueb.gr.  You must enter your first and last names, your status, your student number and the bibliographic data for the book or books that you want to borrow (title, author, publisher, date of publication).  Before you submit a borrowing request, we suggest that you search for the books that you want to borrow in the Bibliographic catalog AUEB-OPAC in order to determine what their availability is.  Once you submit your request, please communicate with us about how you will get your book or books.

The return of printed material does not require prior consultation with the Library.  The books can be returned to the specified area which the library staff will show you during opening hours for the public.

Library opening hours for circulation requirement for printed material are Monday – Friday 11:00-15:00.

The entrance to the Reading Room in the main building will be through the door on the right and the exit will be through the other door so as to avoid too many people going through one door.  Please follow the instructions for 1.5 to 2 meters between people.  All books that are returned will remain in a specially designated area of isolation for at least 72 hours in accordance with international guidelines so that the books will be safe for the next user.  The books can be borrowed again once the required 72 hours have passed from the date of return from the previous users.  If you request a book that has not yet completed the isolation cycle, then you will be advised that you cannot borrow the book until the required time has elapsed. 

Because of this measure, if we notice that there is an increased demand for a particular book it is possible that you will be asked to return the book earlier than the due date.

The library staff observes all the measures stated by the National Organization of Public Health (EODY) and the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link.  Their main concern is the health of the public and the staff and the reduction of exposure to risks.

Take advantage of the digital sources that are offered by the University Library and avoid unnecessary travel.  Stay up to date, with information from the library’s web site, with the subscription sources, with the new electronic sources that are offered temporarily with free access, as well as the Library’s new electronic services.