JSTOR (Arts and Sciences collections I, II, IV, VII)

Name: JSTOR (συλλογές Arts & Sciences I,II, IV, VII)

JSTOR was founded in 1995 and is a digital collection of electronic newspapers. It provides access to the full-text archive of approximately 2,000 journals. The availability of most of the journals is controlled by a "moving wall or embargo", which is an agreed-upon time delay, with the publisher, to the access of full-text volumes, usually three to five years. The AUEB Library has a subscription to four thematic entities from JSTOR:

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Online resource type: Online e-journals collection
Provider: JSTOR
Availability: AUEB Library
Chronological coverage: First year of publication for each title - embargo period (3 - 5 years from the last post)
Language: English
Access type: Subscription for the four thematic entities (authentication required)