A Guided Tour of the Library at the University of Piraeus

Hellenic Economic Library Network (H.E.LI.N.): 2017 Activities

A Guided Tour of the Library at the University of Piraeus

The Library of the University of Piraeus has organized a speech and a guided tour for the public on its premises, Karaoli and Dimitriou 80, Piraeus, on Friday, April 28, 2017. The speech and guided tour are part of the program of activities that the Hellenic Economic Library Network (H.E.LI.N.) has scheduled for 2017, including information visits to the Member Libraries in the Network.

There will be a guided tour of the Library for the participants who will learn about the Library's collection and services.

Following the tour, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to a speech by Dr. Nikolaos Lymouris, "The Juncker Plan, Brexit, and the Future of the European Union". Dr. Lymouris is the Head of the Center for European Government at Panteion University and a member of Team Europe.
Dr. Lymouris' speech will begin at 13:00 and will be followed by a discussion.

April 28, 2017

  • 12.00 Arrival at Library of the University of Piraeus
  • 12.10 Guided Tour of the Collections and Services of the Library
  • 13.00 Speech
  • 13.30 Discussion

Registration is required and must be submitted electronically at http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/index.php/2016-06-14-08-38-00

Further information is also available on the H.E.LI.N. website http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/ and on the social media networks including Facebook: ΔΙΟΒΙ, Twitter: diovi_helin. Please note that the entire event will be in Greek. Seating is limited and will be in priority of entrance to the event.

For all other information, please contact:
Anthi Katsirikou, 210 4142022, and
Arete Houliari, 210 4142032. 

Ε-mail: library@unipi.gr, anthi@unipi.gr
URL: http://diovi.lib.unipi.gr/
Facebook: ΔΙΟΒΙ
Twitter: diovi_helin
Entrance is free, in order of priority as seating is limited.
Registration is required.

For access to the University of Piraeus, click here.